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10 Different Unique Cultural Wedding Dresses from World

The most precious moment of every person’s life is his wedding day, so a couple looks for a unique and attractive dress which can stand them out among a huge crowd. The brideis obsessed over her dress shape, shoe height, and even veil length. Every bride-to-be girl try to embrace her tradition is a versatile way, so wedding celebrations of every continent are unique and marvelous in its own way. Let’s take a look at 10 different unique cultural wedding dresses from the World.

1.  Traditional wedding dress of China

A Chinese bride is found in a beautiful red color dress, and this dress is popularly known as a Qi Pao. The red color is one of the popular color used in the Chinese wedding dress, and they consider it a symbol of love and prosperity. This unique traditional dress consists of an intricate embroidery work with a touch of gold and silver threads.

2.  Cultural Wedding Dress of Japan

Japanese brides wear a white colored silk kimono which is their traditional dress. This white color is the symbol of new happy life. The bride also uses a silk brocade to cover her wedding dress. Kimono has wide sleeves and form a shape of T when a bride extend her hands apart.

3.  Eritrean Traditional Wedding Dress

In an East African country, both the groom and bride wear atraditionalceremonial wedding dress with dark colored crowns. The groom also holds a stick which is a part of his attire.

4.  Thai Wedding Dress

A Thai bride looks quite modest and elegant in a white colored simple dress. This dress is often designed with gemstones and gold. For complementing this costume, the bride wears a golden jewelry with some bright colored beads.

5.  Traditional Wedding Dress of Korea

Hanbok is the traditional wedding dress of Korea which consists of a short jacket or a blouse with full sleeves. It is often a richly embroidered dress and comes with a headdress which gives a unique look to the bride.

6.  Vietnamese Traditional Wedding Dress

Vietnamese wedding dress is known as Ao Dai which comes in a variety of styles. This graceful and tight-fitting dress highlight all the curves of the body. Vietnamese bride wears a red colored Ao Dai which is enriched with a lot of beautiful patterns.

7.  Turkish Wedding Dress

Turkish bride wears a very expensive dress which is completely covered with silk or velvet embroidery. It consists of baggy trouser, a robe, a jacket, kaftan and a blouse. A headdress is obligatory for every bride, thereby, a bride is decorated from head to toe.

8.  Mongolian Wedding Dress

A Mongolian bride wears a bright colored dress which consists of a versatile headdress and a rich tunic. A headdress is well-decorated with jewelry or embroidery. Most of the Mongolian brides wear this dress in red color.

9.  Egyptian Wedding Dress

An Egyptian bride wears a gold-colored dress with a tiara or crown on head. She wears a beautiful golden colored jewelry to complement her wedding dress. The dressis fully covered with golden colored embroidery or jewelry.

10. Traditional Wedding Dress of Sri Lanka

Bride in Sri Lanka wears a cream, red or gold colored sari with some heavy jewelry. She also wears hair ornaments to complement her wedding dress.

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