13 Months Gasoline in Global Reserves Left

Only 13 More Months of Gasoline in Global Reserves then ALL Shopping and Travel Ends,” warns world’s most televised environmentalist

What do supermodel surfers Linda Evangelista and Veronica Grey have in common aside from almost being flatmates together with the legendary George Michael?

They both, along with too many celebrities to mention, heavily endorse the lifesaving survival guide at BestSurferOfAllTime.com
“Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise The 5 Most Important Wellness Secrets of All Time”. which is the saving grace in the face of the alarming facts of our global energy crisis.

Grey set the world record for the most environmental TV interviews in a short period: 65 in 3.5 years. All clips are verifiable on Vimeo and YouTube. The business experts forum at Harvard Business Club awarded her with Supermodel Activist of the Decade. Now she is currently grooming with the presidential White House captain’s group along with Leonardo Dicaprio, reigning world champion surfer John John Florence, Oscar winner Jared Leto, and Justin Bieber.

photo by Stuart D’Avanzo Supermodel surfer activist Veronica Grey

“Even though life as we know it is inevitably coming to a grinding halt because no gasoline means no travel or open shops (think about it – EVERY store is stocked only because of trucks with gasoline. When that runs out, we must rely on gardens for sustenance and sunshine for energy), I thank God every day that I am alive and feel pretty fortunate to be in the same extended household as DiFlo (her nickname for Leonardo and John John). ” Linda Evangelista was the first celebrity ever to extend a household to me, so the bar is pretty high,” quips Grey.

People have mixed feelings about the truth regarding petroleum depletion; a comprehensive, factual, and accurate assessment on how to live forever without electricity, gasoline, or infrastructure is at https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155502163161708&substory_index=0&id=186942246707&ref=page_internal

Morrissey’s album, “World Peace is NONE of Your Business” literally means our biosphere Sister Earth can finally restore and rejuvenate Herself when there is NO COMMERCE, a la “The Day the Earth Stood Still” by December 2018.

Anyone with environmental conscience knew we could not continue exploiting petrol the way we were; no more gasoline by 12/2018 forces everyone into early, permanent staycations.

Many media outlets have published versions of this global energy crisis you may research for yourself, along with surfer model Cameron Diaz and the Surfer magazine forum.

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