16 Nail Shades for Glowing Fingers

Do you have glowing fingers? Are you looking for the best nail shades for glowing fingers? If yes, then continue reading this article to know about the unique and elegant nail shades for glowing fingers.

A beautiful nail shade can complement your simple dress. Summer season is around, and open-toed shoes are the basic requirement of the time. Some mood-lifting shades can put you in an instant party mode. Let’s take a look at the 16 best nail shades for your glowing fingers.

1.  Mint Green Shade

If you have beautifully manicured hands and you want to enhance its beauty further, then try the mint green shade of nail polish. This palate-cleansing green shade works like a correcting concealer for your beautiful hands.

2.  Citrusy Shade

Your reddish glowing fingers will look elegant when you apply a citrusy shade of nail polish. You can proudly pick up your bags in a crowd when you have this shade on your nails/

3. Deep berry nail shade

As berry fruit makes you refreshing, so what about deep berry nail shade? Well, it can remind you of a fresh fruit and a frozen sorbet. A deep berry nail shade will give a very refreshing look to your nails.

4. Burnt Orange Nail Shade

Your tanned and glowing skin will look amazing when you apply a burnt orange shade on your nails. It will further enhance the glow of your skin.

5. Raspberry bright shade

Raspberry looks amazing to taste, so this bright shade is also added to the nail shades. If you are planning to go on a picnic or visit a beach, then this raspberry nail shade will give a manicured look to your fingers.

6. Beachy peachy shade

Almost every girl prefer a nude shade in the summer season, so this beachy peachy shade is the ideal option for the summer season. It will make you yearn for a spring season when it is too hot outside.

7. Barbie Pink Shade

You can distract yourself from sunburn by applying a Barbie pink shade on your nails. This girly shade gives an elegant Barbie look.

8. Shimmery Champagne Color

A shimmery champagne color will give a party look to your hands, so you can apply this shade when you are planning to visit your friend at her birthday party.

9. Khaki Green Shade

A khaki green nail shade is the best option for you if you are planning to do some camping with your friends.

10.Neon Green Nail Shade

Neon nail shade can brighten your entire hand from spandex to fingertips. It will add tons of shine to your fingers.

11. Warm Creamy Hue

You will definitely need a classic nude color in your nail polish wardrobe. This warm creamy hue is hard to find, but it can add anextra glow to your hands.

12. Black Glossy Shade

Black is an essential requirement of your nail polish wardrobe. You dark hands will turn fair when you apply a deep black nail shade with glossy finishing.

13. Peach Pink Shade

A peach pink shade is perfect for your reddish hands and is more like a color concealer. If you are not fond of bright colors in summer, then you can apply this peach pink shade on your nails.

14. Gorgeous Mahogany Shade

This Mahogany Shade is a mixture of both bronze and wine color. It is a party shade, or you can also use it in winters to give an elegant look to your fingers.

15. Blue Toned Red Shade

A blue toned red shade can complement you every skin tone. When you cover your fingertips with this nail shade, you will see a huge difference in your hands. Every person in the social gathering will keep staring at your beautiful hands.

16. Shimmery Ruby Shade

Shimmering shades are only preferred for parties, but this ruby shade will look amazing if you wear it while visiting your friend at her house.

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