8 Trendy Shades for You In 2019

8 Trendy Shades for You In 2019

Having a set of shades that enhance your overall look is not a bad choice. Often people fail to choose the best sunglasses for them because of a lack of prior knowledge. We must put the fact under consideration that different types of sunglasses look good on different face shapes. Before you take a plunge into buying new shades for you make sure you surf the internet to find the best fit according to your face shape.

Originence brings you a wide range of beauty products and accessories for both genders. Not only this but it also has a feature of delivery to your door step. Here is a list of trendy shades you must look out for if you want to shop for sunglasses in 2019. Visit here to give your eyes a spotlight.


  • Translucent Lenses: Perhaps one of the most appealing shades trends we foresee is the clear lenses. It has a beautiful overall built with an exceptional dimming ability to keep your eyes away from the scorching rays of the sun. Some of them follow advanced technology to add up to its protection. They are perfect for all occasions whether you are out on the streets, wear them on a beach trip or go skiing wearing them. You will not regret using them.


  • Pointed Cat Eyes: Show your wild side by putting on a pair of these shades. They are the ultimate street-styled sunglasses that you want to get your hands on this year. They come with a variety of lenses ranging from opaque lenses, clear and all black lenses.



  • Oversized Glam Shades: One of the glasses that has received the greatest hype in 2019 is the oversized glam shades. The can be added to black or colorful shades which go with almost everything you wear. However, bigger is always better when comes to accessorizing your look. It can work out best with as simple dressing as a jeans and a tee.


  • The Shield: In the wake of this year the shield design has come into vogue. These glasses are mirrored with an all sporty look. Fashion divas love this new addition as it gives a glamorous look. It consists of one large lens that covers both eyes portraying a unique look.


  • Extended Wayfarers: Wayfarers came into the fashion industry when the famous Marilyn Monroe gave them a shot. Over the time wayfarers have evolved a lot. Modern day wayfarers are larger and extended to the corners. Cherry on the top is that these very glasses can be worn by both genders to ace the streets with their hipster look.


  • Square Sunglasses: The newly popular Square sunglasses are not just trendy but they give you extra protection. They prove to come in handy while covering the delicate skin around the eyes. This prevents wrinkles from forming under your eyes. Square sunglasses look best with translucent lenses but the dark-lensed one look attractive too.
  • Oval Aviators: The traditional aviators had a much rectangular shape. However, in the wake of 2019 we have seen the flow of round-shaped lenses. This upgrade makes them wearable with both casual and athletic outfits. They can also prove to be your go-to accessory on lazy weekends.


  • Rimless Sunglasses: This year, designers have decided to completely reinvent the traditional frame. As the name suggests this type has no frame. Absence of a frame makes this pair of shades light weight which means they are easy to carry. They can also fit in a small purse while you’re not wearing them due to their compact design.


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