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All You Need to Know About Bless Unleashed

Have you ever played this fantastic multiplayer game Bless unleashed? What did you like most about it? Are you excited about its new update?

Well, don’t worry if you are still new to it. There may be lots of features and elements that are yet to be learned.

So, for all users who have not played the game yet but wondering what makes it special and popular among the gamers community. Bless Unleashed is basically a free2play highly engaging multiplayer online role-playing game which was created by Round 8 Studios and upgraded by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The game was actually created for the PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One in 2020 and then published by NEOWIZ for desktop devices.

Today we are going to discuss everything about this multiplayer game that makes it unique from others and what are some big flaws that should be immediately noticed by the developers.

What is Exciting About Bless Unleashed?

People who have played the game must know about its major updates. But for those who have not played yet, we are going to unleash the update released on PlayStation.

So, this long-awaited Awakened update has now been released after years on PlayStation and Xbox. The update has simply changed the basic Bless Unleashed combat system and introduced new and engaging content.

Besides this, Round8 Studio has also published some new plans for 2021 and also for early 2022. The plans feature a new class, guild vs guild PVP, and endgame dungeons, etc.

What Are Some Big Fixes That Need to be Made?

After the game made it on PC, many players played the game and that’s what they had to say about it. “The game is far from perfect”, and “it needs some big fixes”. Reviews like this made people more curious and they took more interest in finding out everything about the game.

So far, we know that some big fixes need to be made by developers. Some of them are:

  • The game has non-mandatory PvP
  • It should be optimized better
  • It features a platform-specific user interface 
  • It has a less aggressive in-game cash shop
  • The content should be improved, it needs more amazing content
  • The game has star seed gamers banning
  • The more generous crafting system
  • A lot of bag space
  • It badly needs a versatile combat system
  • There are a lot of versions of this game, and some of them have failed.

After highlighting these major fixes, we hope that the developers are working for their betterment, and we may play improved versions from next year.

What are Bless Unleashed Developers up to?

In this Bless Unleashed Review, it would be unfair to talk about its developers.

Well, yes, we know that these are some early days for the developers of Bless Unleashed on PC who have recently released different content updates specifically for the console version in its very first year. They released it with a recent update Awakened originally which was ready to be dropped on August 19th. However, it experienced a small delay because the famous developers were busy dealing with a very nasty bug that caused the game to crash.

And now after this small delay, the developers have said that this summer update named Awakened, will be released soon. It will add some new content and challenges in which players will interact with a new form of field bosses.

So, in short, you may face twisted field bosses in the next improved versions. This is quite exciting for the players, right? However, it will also have improvements for Dungeon, Crusades, and others. 

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