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Artist – A Creature With Unusual Mindset

Great artists around the globe are painting, sketching and creating as we speak. How is it then that so many of us can’t see or appreciate all of the great work that these artists make? Why is it that their work is so hidden in our day to day lives?

We pondered these questions and insisted there needed to be a change. We decided to step into the forefront and change the way we look at art. They wanted to do something different. Unique. Creative. Why not put artists work on T-Shirts and other apparel to help get up and coming artists the exposure They deserve!

This idea took some work to get everything right, but now We have worked very hard to meet up with artists to hear their side of the story. We have worked with them to improve our selection of many varieties of art. We have partnered up with these artists from around the world to put their high quality work on equally high quality t-shirts and hoodies and more.

This combination puts even the most beautiful works of art in most people’s price range, and at the same time supports the artists in multiple ways. Financially, as the artists receive a portion of every shirt sold and as walking reps of their art.

You Can feel good knowing you are helping real people fulfill their passion for art and wear a new shirt, backpack or jewellery with awesome artwork on it at the same time. Why wait? You can get your Dlete apparel today at and help artists worldwide continue to make the world a bit brighter.

the website is and we are a fashion e-tailor focusing on putting artists work on shirts. If you have any more questions please let me know.

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