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Benefits and Draw Backs of Contact Lenses

A colored contact lens is the passion of current fashion. Those who have vision problems are using them but those as well who have perfect sight use colored contact lenses these times.

These contact lenses, fundamentally work as normal lenses but with the only change is when applied, they make the eyes look colored.

They are obtainable in numerous colors and shades, which individuals might choose upon their peculiar inclinations. Although they could make you look stylish and the eyes attractive, there could be numerous drawbacks of applying such eye lenses as well. There are equally pros and cons of consuming colored contact lenses and the subsequent known evidence will pitch light on individually:

Benefits of Lenses

  • One of the major benefits of using colored eye lenses is that aids to modify your look. It means when people use these lenses, they certainly change their appearance as the eyes are one of the most essential parts of the look. When the color of the eye alters the whole face looks different.
  • The second benefit of contact lenses is that they support a person to appear more fashionable and elegant. Colored lenses are available in numerous colors and by selecting one; anyone can become part of the popular look.
  • Certain colors that look undeniably marvelous comprise hazel, brown, blue, green and gray, etc.
  • Lenses might aid you in disguise if you want to. Like many characters use them in films. To adjust their expressions and suit the character a slight more credibly.

Drawbacks of lenses

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of using colored contact lenses is that there is no medical use or requirement of using them. For people with vision problems, non-colored contacts work the best there is no need for colored ones.
  • Using substandard or inexpensive lenses can be injurious to the eyes. Many low-priced qualities can injure the eyes and may not correctly fit everybody. This may result in losing it or it could be so tight that it harms.
  • Another drawback is that one might quickly get tired of wearing the similar color and it might cause waste of money.
  • Unlike noncolored contacts, colored contacts may not look good with all outfits or on all occasions.
  • People may get tired of wearing the same shade and observers may not every time like the color one is wearing.
  • Nonmedicine eye lenses have more side effects and are injurious than the ones used as a treatment for eyes since people who don’t have any problems with vision might find it tough to use the lenses and may result reaching their eye.
  • This can sourceuneasiness and particularly for those with no training or delicate eyes.

Important Points to be Noticed

An eye lens is a thin lens positioned straight on the exterior of the eye. Contact lenses are thought-off as therapeutic devices and can be used to correct the vision.

An optician will be in a better position to argue what is best in each specific case, but as an overall opinion, it’s suggested that a person wear the eye lens at the most for 10-12 hours in a day.

Using the lenses for extended periods of time may source the eyes to become painful, red and disposed to infections.

Earing eye lens for very expensive, or some might sleep in them is very unsafe. This is for the reason that the fashion the cornea is made, it must get oxygen directly from the air, and a contact lens obstructs this process. Wearing contacts too long is called over wear, and it can result in some honestly severe subjects.

If you put on the lens inside out it won’t hurt you or damage your eyes. In general circumstances, it is easy to tell practically straight away if a contact lens is inside out. Classically, the lens will make feel painful and will move excessively when the eye blinks. It will not stay fixed in the middle of the eye or keep coming out.

Eyeless harm the eyes or make it worse. This is widespread fear since numerous contact lens wearers are the short sighted youngster, their eyes are still varying.


It is important to understand the usage even pros and cons of the contact lenses before using them as they involve certain risks and high cost.

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