Best Budget-Friendly Spots for Destination Weddings in 2019

Best Budget-Friendly Spots for Destination Weddings in 2019

A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience for most people, and since it’s one of the most important days of your life who wouldn’t want it to be perfect to the tiniest detail. One of the prime elements of a wedding is the location. Destination weddings can be ‘a dream come true’ with a breathtaking view surrounding you to make your day magical. And what more could you want if that splendid location is paired with a budget-friendly wedding?

Who doesn’t want to save what they can when planning their wedding day. Dream Wedding Solutions gives you a variety of options to choose from and you can decide which financial offer suits you and your partner the best for your day.

Here’s a list of places that’ll help you achieve exactly that for your day.



The third largest island of the Caribbean that lies in its very heart, Jamaica makes one of the top spots for the best destination weddings. Not only is it ideal for its location, being surrounded by the blue waters of the Caribbean alongside the astonishing Blue Mountains but the place itself offers a variety of activities you can choose from for your guests or the honeymoon if you plan to stay there.

An additional plus point is its affordability with both low-cost rates to travel to the Caribbean as well as affordable accommodation for your stay. Also being regarded for one of the best locations for top quality seafood, Jamaica makes an all in one package.



Marathon, Fl — One of the best water views in the state during sunset is from the Sunset Grill & Bar in Marathon, Fl. Photo by Peter W Cross

The list of locations included for the best destination weddings enlists Florida as well and for all the right reasons. A Floridian beach wedding is scenery you may believe to come out of a picture-perfect romantic movie. The sandy beaches secured by the crystal clear water makes it one of the most popularized locations.

Florida places itself in the more affordable than expensive category all year round for weddings but if you’re willing to go an extra scale of a bargain, the best time is to arrange your wedding off-season for the lowest rates.



California, specifically Lake Tahoe accounts for one of the most beautiful spots to fix your wedding on. Lake Tahoe attracts tourists from all around the world for a glimpse of its splendor that comes with its natural beauty ranging from beaches to mountain tops to the most beautiful lakes worldwide.

While some of the interior wedding spots can cost a handful, nothing compares to the affordable natural outdoor setting of Lake Tahoe. Not only does it cut down on your décor expenses since the surrounding already makes up for the need of décor but also offers a spot for exceptional photography you’re your significant other on your wedding.

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica

If you’re a sucker for natural beauty in all its glory Costa Rica is your next go-to spot for your destination wedding. The entire region of Costa Rica is adorned with an unparalleled beauty that comes with its rainforests, beaches, and wildlife in its natural inhabitance. In Costa Rica, the variety of different activities you could go for while on your wedding are limitless whether being adventurous is in your blood or you’d rather just take this time out to enjoy peacefully.

Costa Rica has twice made an appearance on the list of the cheapest spots, one as #4 best cheap vacation spot in Central and South America and the other as #4 best cheap wedding destination spot since a wedding package can range between approximately only $200-$400.

If you’re looking for the experience of a lifetime for your destination wedding let us handle the hustles while you enjoy your special day. We at Dream Wedding Solutions make sure we provide you with the best year-round offers for your dream destination wedding.

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