Celebrities That Love Their Hair Transplants

Celebrities That Love Their Hair Transplants

Which Celebrities LOVE Their Hair Transplants

With the rising popularity of hair transplants and the science around it, it is no surprise that celebrities have jumped at the chance of this life-changing surgery. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the latest and most advanced type of hair transplant surgery, leaving a natural look with consistent results with regrow rates of over 95% and higher! Being in front of the camera most of their lives, a celebrity’s appearance, and the way they carry themselves is a key role in their lifestyle.

With a hair transplant, you can expect to see results within 6-12 months. With the final outcome being so natural it is likely that people can not tell if someone has undergone this surgery. Some celebrities decide to keep this to themselves, whilst others talk about their experiences/results openly. We will be covering this in the following paragraphs.

Celebrities have chosen to undergo this life-changing procedure all around the world to knock years off their appearance. James Nesbitt, known in the UK for his appearance in the popular series “Cold Feet” but globally known for his work in “The Hobbit” has undergone multiple hair transplants. Losing his hair was very stressful for James, but we are fortunate enough that he is brave enough to share his story, inspiring others in the same situation and normalizing this procedure. With his hair being thicker and his hairline restored, the results really shine through, not only can you see the confidence it has given him but the way he carries himself has significantly improved.

As a celebrity, the media are always quick to scrutinize one’s appearance and it is no surprise they feel the pressure of keeping their appearance youthful. With the lead roles James has secured after his transplant, he feels that the procedure has played a great part in such success.

Joe Swash, the former Eastenders star is onto his 3rd hair transplant! Undergoing the procedure with KSL and pleased with previous results, Joe is wanting to thicken his hair a little more. After his first hair transplant, he explains how no-one really talked about it, but as soon as Wayne Rooney, (England Footballer) decided to talk about his experience with the procedure he noticed that no one really frowned upon it anymore. Being in the public eye, he stresses the fact of how his hair makes him conscious, often wearing a hat in most outdoor situations. We see the struggle of a celebrity appearance often mentioned as they feel under pressure by the media. Joe’s story and his ability to be so open is important to inspire others to pluck up the courage to arrange a consultation, stating “I think if you’re worried about losing your hair then do something about it.”

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Brian Mcfadden former singer/songwriter for band ‘Westlife’ shared his unique hair transplant story to the public. He took action after his hair was being affected by thinning and receding, as the stress surrounding his lifestyle took its toll. This led to Brian feeling self-conscious so he decided it was time to do something about it. After the surgery, Brian was not only very pleased with the results but he shared the surreal experience about the person who performed his surgery, being his high-school friend who had opened his own hair-loss clinic. He states the importance of not being embarrassed to undergo this surgery and openly expresses how pleased he is with the results.

In conclusion, it is important to do your research. You should organize a consultation with a team that you feel comfortable with and that are suitably qualified in this area. The procedure has been known to significantly change people’s lives for the better. In recent years the procedure of a hair transplant has become increasingly common, with more people opting for the surgery. With celebrities speaking openly about their experiences and their amazing hair restoration results, it gives a great insight for those interested in the procedure. Celebrities often act as role models for many people and with this in mind their ability to inspire others is important for both self-confidence in themselves and hair-loss clinics in the UK and around the world.

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