CHARLEY TEEZ is the fashion name the entire world will be chanting for 2019! This new fashion line is on the radar from a lot of fashion experts globally and expectations for the successful launch of this mass clothing line is at an all time high. Originating in Joliet, IL., this new Midwest flavor balances fashion with positive messages. Most clothing lines are strictly about reputation, but CHARLEY TEEZ advocates multiple platforms that are community based. The inspiration that details each design not only forces the hands of other designers to step their game up, but brings fun back into the equation of urban fashion. The hottest models, the best designs, the loudest buzz and one of the most talked about clothing lines for 2019 will be CHARLEY TEEZ, and either you’re going to be the first to rock it or the last, just know that there will be almost a guarantee the your closet has CHARLEY TEEZ brand in it!

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