Cushytogs – The Comfortable Dress Shirt

Cushytogs set out to create a brand of clothing that was not only amazingly comfortable but also stylish.  They have the vision to create fashionable clothes that are created with the latest advances in fabric technology.  They desire to give their customers an emotional reaction to wearing their clothes.  – You will like the way you feel! All of their clothes are designed and made in the US. Using the latest technology to ensure a high-quality product and ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase.


Should you wear something stylish and elegant or stick with something laid back and comfortable? This is the eternal dilemma of men everywhere. But what if you didn’t have to choose between smart and comfortable? What if you could look dapper in your business attire, but feel as if you were wearing gym clothes?

Good news – you actually can! Cushytogs is a new brand that set out to redesign the modern dress shirt. Their shirts are made from super soft, durable fabric that is the same fabric used in athletic wear, making them as comfortable as your favorite gym T-shirt. They are also sewn up front, so you actually put them on like a tee, but it looks like you are wearing a chic button-up shirt.  This means they are also great for people who have trouble with buttoning up shirts.


Thanks to the use of activewear fabric, these shirts are super stretchy and wrinkle-free. Yes, you heard that right! You will never have to iron this shirt, like ever. You just put it on a hanger straight from the washing machine and you are good to go! Sign me up, I’m getting my husband one for every day of the week!  The Signature Collar means that you will stand out from the crowd.  We worked hard to ensure it is stiff but still flexible enough to give you the comfort you expect.

Even though these shirts are body fitting, they are impervious to sweat stains, so you will feel comfortable and confident in them. The Cuffs are designed to be worn with or without Cufflinks.  You can add Cufflinks to dress up or just button the cuffs as normal – you decide!

Their Products Come in Standard Men’s Sizes.

Small – Collar 15″ – Chest 38″ – 40″

Medium – Collar 16″ – Chest 40″ – 42″

Large – Collar 17″ – Chest 42″ – 44″

XL – Collar 18″ – Chest 44″ – 48″

Cushytogs dress shirts are made and designed in the USA and they come in white and blue –  timeless classics in any gentleman’s wardrobe – and the brand also makes short-sleeved shirts, men’s underwear, stretchy T-shirts and stretch denim shorts. What they all have in common is that they will make you look put together but without being stiff, scratchy or uncomfortable. Just super soft, extra stretchy fabric for maximum comfort.

Give one a test drive. You are going to like the way you feel!

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