Difference between a Merle Frenchie and a Lilac Frenchie

Merle Frenchie and a Lilac Frenchie

When you own French bulldog as your puppy, you are always interested in knowing about their grooming, shedding, and bathing. This breed comes in a variety of color patterns with high-spirited and vibrant eyes.

Among these, the Merle and Lilac Frenchies possess a distinct place in the list of their owners for their certain characteristics. This blog reflects on all the necessary information that you need to know regarding the two types of French bulldogs to help you while choosing them as your pet.

Merle French Bulldogs

Merle French bulldog is known as the most extortionate and sparse breed of its kind due to its unique and strange coat color. The word Merle refers to a gene that generally affects the patterns on your four-legged friend’s skin.

Astonishingly, the patches appearing on your puppy’s skin are influenced by the ancestral lines, genetics, and hereditary traits. They differ due to the presence of melanin either developing a pure black color or others such as chocolate, brown, blue, black, and others.

Merle crossbreed dogs are bred with Chihuahuas containing this gene. Usually, the colors that dominate include cream, white or fawn mixed with other darker colors.

What Makes Merle Frenchie Different from Lilac Frenchie?

Certainly, you must be thinking what makes Merle Frenchie different from Lilac Frenchie? Well, it all depends on the dominance of genes when they breed and ultimately resulting in the appearance of various patterns on their skin and eye colors which attract most of the people to breed and buy them.

If you talk about your black Merle puppy, a rare black color appears on their skin when the black gene is dominant causing the bulldogs appearing as black, tan, or fawn. The blue bulldog reflects the dominant blue color through their eyes and remains relatively light as compared to other French bulldogs.

On the other hand, the Lilac French bulldog almost has the same characteristics as that of other French bulldogs except for their coat and eye colors. The Lilac Frenchie usually possesses two color variations i.e. purple-like and champagne. Their coat color ranges from blue to silver hues, having white markings around their face and chest.

The other reason for Lilac being different from Merle is the way that they are bred. As compared to Merle, the breeding Lilac puppy is quite difficult as their parents need to have the chocolate and blue genes or they have to be blue themselves. Of course, finding these colors are not easy as they are rare in nature and hence, cause the Lilac bulldog to be highly costly as your pet.

Despite being an adorable and lovely companion, Lilac Frenchie has a drawback when compared with the other colored bulldogs that it faces a risk of “Blue Dog Alopecia,” a condition that causes baldness and skin inflammation, posing the risk of blindness and other infections.

However, their unique color, rare breed, and playful and calm nature cause their owners to buy them anyway and keep them as a pet forever.

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