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Digital Covid Vaccination Certificates – Pass to Freedom

The widespread ravage brought by the deadly coronavirus affected every single sector of society. As the pandemic emerged, people did not really know what precautionary measures should be adopted in order to fight it. The regulatory authorities issued stay-at-home orders and a strict lockdown was imposed as it was apparently the only reason to fight it. Businesses, educational institutions and markets, etc were given temporary activity suspension orders that they were compelled to follow strictly.

The Global pandemic disrupting businesses:

Businesses were observed to face the most problems due to the lockdowns as their economic activities faced sheer downfall. Gradually, the authorities came up with solutions and work from home borders were passed. In order to comply with that businesses entirely shifted their traditional processes to online. The present digitised era made it easier for the businesses to adopt the new methods of business. 

Covid and vaccination orders:

Progressing to the end of 2020 and early 2021, vaccination became compulsory. The regulatory authorities issued strict orders for people to get vaccinated as the country had already suffered due to very little economic activity. The presence of vaccines proved to be a sigh of relief for every single person, the government found a reason to lift the lockdown and ordered people to resume their business and other activities but with appropriate SOPs. along with the vaccines, it was made mandatory for every vaccinated individual to carry their covid vaccine certificate verification

The reason it was made compulsory for the people to get vaccinated and carry their certificates along was that it was believed earlier if a person once recovered from covid developed an immunity and would not get one again. So the idea of immunity passports floated but it could not be implemented. This particularly happened as the cases of people catching the virus again, began arising. Therefore it was made necessary for people to get vaccinated and carry their covid vaccination certificates. 

Covid Vaccination Tracking Systems:

People comprehended the urgency of getting vaccinated and carrying their certificates when the entry in malls, educational institutions and travelling internationally was suspended in the absence of the certificate. Every business sector has adopted certificate verification solutions in order to verify the customer’s vaccination status. By now, several covid vaccination certificate verification solutions have been developed. 

An important addition in this regard was the collaborative efforts of WHO and Estonia to develop a ‘Smart Yellow Card’ that would act as a proof of the vaccinated people. Another similar platform, DIVOC in India has been developed for the same purpose. These tracking systems not only help people facilitate international travel but also play a vital role in assisting the country’s vaccine rollout management in times of uncertainty. 

Let us look into the tactics acquired by different countries for developing covid vaccination tracking systems;

    1. Denmark: Using the country’s eHealth portal, people can get their covid-19 passports. 
    2. Israel: a green passport was issued that would allow the vaccinated people to not only visit restaurants and malls freely but not get tested again while travelling internationally. Moreover, Greece and Israel have already recognised each other’s green passports. 
  • India: India issued QR code based electronic covid vaccination certificates to the vaccinated people with the option of downloading a paper copy of it.

Digital Vaccine Certificate Verification:

The emergence of various verification solutions have assisted in verifying the vaccine certificates. Many countries have developed applications and by doing that, they have saved ample amount of time and the hassle of getting stuck in long queues. The digital apps, also called Vaccination Pass apps, perform the function of a digital wallet that only carries the certificate but also verifies it. 

Other than the apps, AI-based digital vaccine certificate verification via websites is increasingly in use. Many business sectors have adopted them for certificate authentication and security clearances. These websites perform the function of iD verification and certification authentication, simultaneously. One advantage these websites have over applications, is that they do not acquire much of the phone space so they don’t need to be installed in order to be used. 

Covid Certificates are the New Normal: 

The coronavirus certificate verification has successfully brought the much needed relief to humans by allowing them to get back to their normal lives and roam freely. It will be safe to say that it has become the new normal, hence, carrying a valid certificate is as important as carrying a valid passport. Airportclearance, cinema visits, shopping malls trips etc have all become possible once again by the digital coronavirus certificates. 


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