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Drapeo – Different Ways to Be as Confident as a Rock star

I was starting  rock when, I was young, but 3 years ago I meet with  Axel Brigo (his Manager) , and since then i grow from 2000 followers to 300.000 right now, i was doing trap and rap, but in 2021 I started to be focus in reggaetón, this year i will release the 3rd edition of the album “Versatil.

What is a Rockstar personality?

They are success-orientated, work hard, and are enthusiastic and even charismatic. Such qualities make these types of people the ‘Rock stars‘ of the corporate world. You can recognize this type by their larger than life personality that fills a room

Dark colors and blacks are common for rock star style. If you have a large percentage of bright colors, look to pair them with darks for balance. Repurpose clothes. If you have plaid shirts, wear them loosely with a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Health and Well Being

First and foremost, confidence is something that comes from within – your brain, that is. The right combination of a healthy diet and exercise can go a long way to making you feel stronger, more energetic, more positive and more able to concentrate on day to day tasks.

When you begin a regimen of living healthy and exercising you begin to set yourself goals and achieve things you never thought you could before. As an example, start running for 20 minutes a day and increase your limit each month by 10 minutes. In a 4 months you could running straight for an hour!

Exercise isn’t just about looking good and being slim. It boosts your immune system too and can be a space to clear your thoughts on difficult days. Before you know it, your escape could be the gym.


A surefire way to become a more confident person is to take up new lessons. No one knows everything and the world is full of interesting things to learn. By empowering yourself with knowledge you gain control of yourself and your place in the world.

We all learn differently, whether through reading, taking classes or watching videos. Think about the way you were taught at school. Did it work for you? Do you have a style of learning? If you can’t think of one, try a few and see which one works best.

Saying Yes

Positivity and confidence go hand in hand. That’s not to say one controls the other but that you need them both together. Saying yes is a big part of that.

Opportunities exist everywhere for those who choose to see them and sometimes that just starts with saying yes. Think about how many times you’ve said no in the last month. Yes to an invitation, yes to a request or yes to a favor. Not a lot?

Start going out more, doing more for others and experiencing more in your life. Help an old lady cross the road and take the time to listen to someone’s problems without comparing them to your own. Positivity is circular and you will see yourself becoming increasingly able to do things you never previously thought you could!

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