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Drapeo – Popular Songs Album

Myself is Kevin, I am artistic, my name is Drapeo ,

I am Argentinian and I am gaining a lot of popularity in the last month for the new album I realase called “Versatil Gold Edition”, I was traveling to miami to do some videoclips and record some songs, and now is planning to go to Ibiza in spain to record more songs.

Drapeo artist. According to our records Drapeo has recorded approximately 28 music tracks. We have a collection of 5 song lyrics by Drapeo for you to explore.

Popular Drapeo Songs

  • Manejando un maquinon
  • La bandolera
  • Cuando llegamos
  • Haters de insta
  • Rap de padre

Artistic people have a special ability to express their impressions, feelings and memories through different kinds of art, and we truly appreciate what they do, but that doesn’t get us any closer to understanding them, right? Well, I had an interesting opportunity to pick their brains, and here’s what I was able to find out.

The fact is, artistic people don’t have the same deduction system or system of values like most people, and that’s the reason why we can’t understand their actions or follow their train of thought. Their minds tick a bit differently than a regular person’s, because it’s moved by different details.

This character type is particularly delicate to variety, structure, sound and feeling. They have an enthusiastic soul and a ton of energy and can frequently keep fixed on an inventive undertaking and fail to remember everything around them. An imaginative character type takes care of issues by making a genuinely new thing. Their thoughts may not necessarily in all cases please others, but rather resistance doesn’t deter them for a really long time

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