How to Dress For a Summer Wedding

How to Dress For a Summer Wedding

Weddings in summer are tough because all the heat and sweat can ruin your makeup and hairstyle easily. No doubt, looking good at a summer wedding is a hell difficult thing but it is only hard if you fail at choosing the right fabric stuff and fashion sense for you. Many boutiques have hired finest fashion designers such as Cheongsam tailor Singapore who work very hard for their customers to look completely vibrant and fashionable in such a hot climate. Few tips are shared by the stylists and fashion designers for you to dress in a summer wedding.

  1. Wear Soft and Light

In summer, the light colors are preferred more than the dark ones so this is why the light-colored dresses are preferred for a summer wedding. Choose the fabrics which are soft and cool to wear in a hot climate and usually, the dresses with motifs and shimmers should be avoided. Go for the light jewelry like soft pendants, light earrings, and little accessories. Beach weddings are also common in summers so choose your clothes and footwear, especially with observation.


  1. Dress Accordingly

You must always have a plan B because the weather could be changed at any time. It is not compulsory to wear light colored clothes evening at the evening wedding parties. You can go with dark colors too but you also need to focus on the design you are wearing. Some dresses are actually not appropriate for a wedding event such as you can’t wear just jeans and a top on someone’s weddings. Look for the theme of the wedding and wear accordingly. In case the wedding is going to be formal, you need to choose the dress, jewelry and the shoes with a lot of understanding. On the informal weddings, a jumpsuit would also look beautiful.


  1. Apply Suitable Makeup

If you are thinking about putting makeup then do not apply a lot of on your face because eventually it would end up getting ruined. Apply the little base or just a BB cream and put a light touch of blush-on and a lipstick of your choice. You may opt for a no makeup look as well which would suit best with the occasion and its theme. You can wear your hair up in the form of a bun or braids if you do not like to leave your hair opened in summer.


  1. Use Good Hygiene Products

As you know the summer causes sweat and allergy too so you need to keep yourself clean thought the whole event because the bad smell coming out of you because of sweat can leave a bad impression. You can use a good deodorant for your underarms and a body spray with nice fragrance which keeps your body fresh and fragranced for a long time. For the outdoor wedding, do not forget to apply some sunscreen on your body parts exposed to sun.

Also use a good moisturizer so your skin does not get dry because of the intensity if the heat. You may use good perfumes of your choice as well but make sure you do not smell too intense. Keeping everything light and clean at a summer wedding is perfect.

Thus you can also rock the summer wedding look completely if you follow these tips. Managing everything and choosing suitable accessories and dress is tough but these few guidelines can give you a perfect attire which would be loved by everyone. The simple is always best and summer weddings are an opportunity to prove it.

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