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Right away, I played the beta adaptation of ELEX II given to writers (the full one turns out in March 2022) and ensured that two things never show signs of change – the magnificence of Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron) and Piranha Bytes games. Furthermore, if the first is only satisfaction and pleasure, the subsequent truth causes blended sentiments.

Old saint, new issues

As I wrote in the principal review, in the continuation of this new-old “Gothic” from the “piranhas”, we again play as, who, after overcoming a gigantic half and half robot, is compelled to repulse an outsider danger approaching over Magellan. All the more definitively, at initial an odd article lingered over him, however, a couple of individuals focused on it – various gatherings figured out among themselves and battled for power. Unfit to confront it left and turned into a loner.

Those remains behind the scenes can likewise be reached.

Lastly, discipline from paradise came. From a peculiar item, something started to pour on Magellan, including straightforwardly onto shack, and purple beasts crept out of the cavities, which even the victor of the Hybrid is difficult to manage. He didn’t adopt – was severely beaten, and amusingly, the same Dr. Adam Charles Dawkins, who was in the Hybrid’s cockpit when we crushed him in the initial segment, saved him and left him. Presently, as indicated by him, he has seen the light, liberated from the force of the machine, and yearns to rebuff the trespassers, either from another planet or from another aspect.

From the start, notwithstanding, you should bargain not with the trespassers, but rather with flies and other little reptiles.

In this manner, he wants a solid and solid, who should gather a whole armed force (the “6th Force”, as the specialist calls it) to stand up to another danger. How? All things considered, this is an RPG from Piranha Bytes – it should be in the style of “Figaro there.

The specialist doesn’t swear – he is so rousing.

You additionally need to find and ship off the Bastion the local child of our legend – Correspondence with him and support in his childhood is a different part of missions. Furthermore, you want an accomplice. Very quickly, the choice to take Kaya with you shows up – this is the wild mage, mom. What’s more among her and about their relationship, questions occasionally discharge up.

Furthermore thirty minutes after the fact I met another buddy – a youthful, yet currently harshly toned tracker comedian Fox, who proposed to go hunting together, while going around the whole district and close by regions. Albeit, on a fundamental level, you cannot join any group and not mind accomplices – there is even a Lone Wolf ability that empowers such reserved conduct.

Greetings yet again!

All things considered, as a general rule, there are a ton of undertakings tossed at us immediately. As guaranteed by the creators, the world has held its size, however has become all the more thickly immersed with occasions, characters, and errands – not by and large two times, yet all the same substantially enough. Here you might visit a Billy Idol show – the creators authorized the artist’s melody, and his appearance was precisely moved to the virtual world.

There are both recognizable from the initial segment, yet adjusted areas, and new ones. New sorts of foes and beasts from among the intruders have shown up. Indeed, new groups have been added. Very quickly, we meet berserkers who battle – these are such cultists who love Death.

Also here you can meet demise at each progression – if, for instance, you turn your head to such a bull early.

Initiates are predominantly selected from prisoners, yet we can likewise come to them intentionally (the mission thing required by the manufacturers in the Bastion is exactly at the Mormons – it’s the scriptwriters who arranged a stunt!). Luckily, their base, situated in a huge cavern, isn’t a long way from the wild fortress. What’s more at the base there is a field, and a bar, and dealers, and a pioneer named Khan, who seldom imparts straightforwardly and for the most part passes everything on through an individual nicknamed the Voice of Khan – strict customs should be regarded and regarded.

Here is the entry to this cavern.

The restrictive non-linearity has not vanished. What’s more, it’s not simply an issue of picking which group to join, yet in addition how-to for the most part guarantee that the heads of the group consent to meet with us or let into them and open admittance to the upper city/region/floor. Furthermore, the way that the way there is at first reserved like in gclub88888 is an old practice since the hour of the principal Gothic.

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