Everything You Need To Know About BB Creams

Everything You Need To Know About BB Creams


Everyone is familiar with BB creams nowadays because apart of providing number of advantages to the skin, they have actually started replacing the foundations and beauty creams. BB stands for beauty balm or blemish balm and is packed with a number of benefits for all kind of skin tones. BB creams are gradually becoming the most important makeup accessory in the makeup collection of each Lady.

BB creams are the tinted moisturizers which give full coverage to the spots and marks on the face. It contains the anti-agers like peptide and antioxidants which do not let you age earlier and give you an ActiveSkin. The hydration of the skin is another feature provided by BB creams while it also saves your skin from harmful UV radiations.BB creams provide the functions of sunscreen, primer, foundation, moisturizer, concealer and skin treatment which make them all in one.

Advantages Of BB Creams

  1. BB creams provide sun protection and save the skin from UV radiation because of the presence of SPF 30 and more in it. Also the titanium and zinc oxide in the BB creams help you stay fair even after getting highly exposed to the sun.
  2. The hyaluronic acid and glycerine are those components of BB creams which moisturize the skin and do not let it get dried.
  3. Liquorice and arbutine help keep the skin tone even.
  4. The anti-aging elements are also present such as antioxidants and peptides. Vitamin A, C and E are also present to protect the skin from fine lines and wrinkles which often appear before age.
  5. It also contains the silicon based elements like dimethicone which help in smoothing the skin. This feature acts like a primer for the skin.

Why BB Cream?

BB cream has become very popular and common from some years because it’s all in one effects are replacing 5-6 products at the same time. BB creams provide no harm to your skin and most important point to be noted is, BB creams are good for each skin and it also comes in shades such as BB cream shade 10 Luminous, a 20 Aglow and 30 Radiant.

You can use them if you are dark, fair or brown because these ranges go best with all kinds of skins tones and give you an easy opportunity to select one which suits you best. One thing is common between the foundation and BB cream that you can choose the shades for a specific skin tone. It gives moisture to the dry skin and also protects it from the harmful radiations of the sun. It is completely enough for your soft makeup look.

Also, you do not need to carry a big bag for makeup carrying the foundation, primer a sunblock, a concealer. You just need a small tube of BB cream which will give you no makeup look anywhere you want. The results look very natural and radiant, that is why makeup lovers have started preferring BB cream over a wide range of makeup.


Hence, the BB cream is an evolution to the world of makeup and it is definitely going to last long whole day. There are also ranges of the BB creams and their shades from which you could choose one for your skin tone.

It has given women an opportunity to save money, carry and less and still look best among everyone. BB cream, we can say is another name of the word convenience because

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