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A market that originated around five centuries ago, Forex is the commonly referred short term for ‘foreign exchange’. Forex involves the globalized currency market as well as the trading of currencies involved in this market. Forex has defined itself as one of the largest forms of exchange with an average of almost five trillion dollars exchanged per day.

Forex is a broad spectrum that involves the trading of both traditional global currencies and the recently hyped term, bitcoin. Forex trading involves ‘forex pairs’, pairs that are made to make trading between two currencies possible. These usually involve popular currencies such as the US dollar, British pound however the market is still open for smaller currencies as well. These pairs are relatively priced against each other which make the trade and the aspect of buying and selling possible.

The general idea of forex trading is set the US dollar as the base currency. The trading being only a game of knowing your exchange rate game if your currency is expected to drop for an expected time, traders rush to buy during that time. Consequently, later on, when the economy is strong and the currency of your country rises up again, traders look forward to selling during this period. The difference value between the buying and selling rate is what determines the loss or profit of a forex trader.

MetaTrader 4 or shortened MT4, released in 2005, is Windows application software that serves as an electronic platform which is licensed to allow the official forex trading between currencies. MT4 is the basis of one of the largest forex trading platforms in the online universe.

Humans often tend to go for simplification and help where provided. Similarly, forex robots are software programs that assist forex trading beginners who need guidance and a known how-to of how forex trading works. However, forex robots are also widely used by traders who cannot spend extensive times in front of the screens themselves. Hence these robots are also sometimes called MetaTrader expert advisors (a) and similarly, bitcoin scalper ea’s for specific bitcoin trading.

The three major types of forex robots are the following to decide which the best forex ea is for you.

Indicators: Indicator forex robots are those that predict the upcoming relative currency rates, their rise and falls and advise you which trading pair or during which time period would trading be most preferable and profitable. However, these indicating ea’s have no actual control over your trades.

Fully Automated Systems:

Fully automated forex robots are robots that give full control of your currency amount and the trading control over to a robot. This means that the robot determines future rates and figures out its own strategy for trading, which could result in you going bankrupt as well when handing your entire financial system to software.

Semi-Automated Systems: Semi-automated robots are useful when it comes to the aspect of not wanting to give full power over to a robot. Semi-automated ea’s once again determine future outcomes and work 24 hours to bring you opportunities of successful trades, which at the end you enter yourself.

As forex trading becomes more and more convenient and popularized and paper money goes out, not having a strong trading game can cost you a lot. Moreover, in today’s world going bankrupt just because you didn’t have the right resources is not an option. Get yourself in on the latest and best forex robots and insight on their reviews at the best forex robot review site

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