Who is Mia Khalifa

Four Lesser Known Facts About Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa has emerged as one of the leading porn stars in the porn industry but her personality and persona is much bigger than her profession and but the irony is that more people are interested in her body rather than known who Mia Khalifa is in reality. So here are four lesser known facts about her.

Before Working in Porn Industry

Before coming to porn industry, Mia used to work at a fast food chain and that’s where she was spotted by a customer who asked her if she wants to work in porn films and the rest is history. From delivering orders to becoming a world renowned porn star only Mia knows how difficult her journey was.


Mia is from Lebanon and despite moving to U.S with her family at the age of 7 she still has a soft corner for Lebanon. She has a tattoo of the opening line of the Lebanese National Anthem on her arm along with another tattoo of the Lebanese Forces Cross which she got after a bombing in Lebanon stating it was to ‘show solidarity with my father’s political views.’

She Knows How To Defend Herself

Don’t get fooled by seeing her profession, you still can’t get close to her without her permission. She knows how to keep her boundaries and how to defend her limits.

A fan got punched in the face when he tried to get close to her without her permission so there is no way you can get close to her without her consent. Otherwise, you’ll get punched in your face straightaway.

A Kardashian Fan

Mia is a Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara fan and her obsession with Kardashian’s has taught her many things. She loves her self and feels comfortable in her skin. She in her interview stated that she always felt uncomfortable in her skin and but now celebrities like Kardashian’s has inspired her a lot now she loves her skin and maybe that’s why we’ve seen her hands un-waxed on many occasions.

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