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Friend is a Ray of Sunshine Bringing Light Warmth to your Day

Treasure Moments While Old Friends Get Together

I wish I could have gathered those feeling in a bottle and pour them into myself on every occasion I need a spell of cheerful reminiscences.

Returning after twenty years to college where I spent the most beautiful days of my life, with old friends. The delight I felt from the get-together had little to do with how extensive I had been with them or how a great deal I had been thinking of them, it was about how I was feeling being with them.

I wish I could have gathered those feeling in a bottle and pour them into myself on every occasion I need a spell of cheerful reminiscences. In its place, I endeavor here to take into custody them on camera while they still warm my mind

There are times When my Mood and Mind need to be Boosted

There are times when my mood and mind need to be boosted, watching those memories will lend a hand to me and find again the gratifying emotions I went through. Expectantly, most of you will relate and share my joy.

There was a Bombardment of Ideas and Every idea was worth it

When we remember the old day so much come in the mind like once in college we had to welcome a guest speaker and that was a day no one from our batch can’t forget. We had to gift him something and had to decide unanimously what should be gifted. There was a bombardment of ideas and every idea was worth it. We did so much planning and agreed on gifting a t-shirt, we got one made with college picture and monogram on it

Biggest Treasure of my Life

But on the day when the guest had to come somehow forgot to gift him and that was the drop scene. Afterward,s every one stated blaming each other and that shirt is still laying on me.

Friendship Fire

All of my friends communicate with me, although not frequently, on FaceBook or on the phone; but still there is a long spell of times when there was hardly any interaction amongst us but sill we were sure that the companionship was unbroken. Whenever we meet and minds got linked in hand grasp and hug, the corporeal contact was a concrete confirmation that the heart and souls were also connected.

The Old School Tees

My contacts might still understand my grin and my grumble. I was still unambiguous when a line spoken with a stern face was projected to make us giggle. We were a touching and religious part of everyone and as long as our stay last, our blissful association together with this us in our own content planet

Reason Signifies Companionship

There is a significant reason that stimulates us to take care of this tie of companionship that makes bigger but does not shatter over time and detachment. We have worth for each other. Further, then the doctoral degrees which few of us have received and the dissimilarity in academic education among the rest of us, there is tall look upon for the victorious tread we have made and for the fact that we have a say definitely to each other’s lives.

On the work, we had applauded each other on when our hard work go ignored by the administration.

In the house of worship, we had stirred each other to brilliance in guidance. In our home, we had shared our great effort and pray for our kids. We respected the individual value of each one.

Preferred Eating Place Buffet

Another incident made us remember a certain companion who scouted throughout the newspaper on a weekend, looking for the voucher for our preferred eating place buffet. We had a great time we could not have enough money the extra comfortable establishment. After that dining out was a festivity and a reiteration of determination to take pleasure in our lives with the wealth we could manage to pay for, rather than sulk for the wealth we desire we had.

The Old School Tees

We were sure on our three of four-course servings, and then pose ourselves like a king the universe. Throughout our meet up, we found out that the name of the restaurant had altered, but the foodstuff and the service were precisely what we had missed. It was that time of life to rejoice and recall the memories and to wear The old school tees for more such stories.

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