Get captivated this Christmas and keep evolving

Ulloo 42 is a unique, bespoke home and design company that lovingly handcrafts and up cycles funky, quirky accessories and home furnishings, making every piece an original work of art. These designs are the ultimate conversation starter for those who like to define their character through creativity and individual charm

Ulloo 42 is inspired from a fusion of art and friendship from creative fashionista’s Lise Abraham and Suzanne Currie, two best friends from England. The first part of the name, ULLOO, is a variant of the word ULO, or “house” in Igbo African, and is the word for Owl in Hindi. Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) suggested the number 42 was the numeric answer to the most important question in the universe. These ladies aim to reach their customers consciousness by being thought provoking and curious whilst being kind to the environment

For all innovative and imaginative types of all ages Ulloo 42 invite you to browse their collection which is an artisanal treasure trove of light furnishings, earrings to wallpaper at an alluring price point for those who like to dazzle and wow with dramatic elegance

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