How to Choose type of Hair Extension

How many of us have wished to grow our hair as fast as possible? Women do all types of home remedies and experiment different healthcare products in order to make their hair look healthy and strong. However, none of these products or remedies can change your hair overnight.

The best way to get long hair fast is to get yourself extensions. Hair extensions are very common nowadays. They are perfect if you are looking for a different look for your friend’s wedding or some event. They are basically used in order to give your hair length and some volume. They are basically made from synthetic hair.

Why should you go for Hair Extensions?

You might want to go for hair extensions if you want:

  • Longer and thicker hair
  • You can get bangs or a fringe
  • You can make your hair look bouncier
  • You can add colored hair extensions without adding any chemicals to your hair

Here are some things that you should know before getting yourself hair extensions:

  • Never rely on your own skills. Always get the help of a professional in order to get the best results. This is the best way because they will help you to get a natural look. There are countless ways in which you can harm your own hair. Therefore, get the help of a stylist.
  • Make sure that your extensions are not too tight. If they are too tight, they will probably give you a headache. Therefore, make sure that they are neither too loose nor too tight.
  • Make sure that you take care of your natural hair as well. Oil your hair at least twice a week. This will make them healthy and get the nourishment that your hair needs. Healthy hair is able to hold on to the extension as well. Otherwise, it will get loose and fall.

Methods to attach Hair Extension:

There are many ways in which you can attach your hair extensions. These methods are adopted in accordance with the type of hair you have.
The following are the ways in which you can apply for your hair extensions:

  • Clip-in Hair Extension

These extensions are mainly hair strands that have clips at the end. They get attached to your natural hair. The clip gets secured by the help of a metal bead. It takes 4-5 hours for the application procedure. The extensions will stay for more than two months.
These are the best type as they easy to apply and easy to remove.CLIP IN+HALO HAIR EXTENSIONS can be purchased from hottie extensions. Clipo Hair Extensions are the best ones you can find at the market in a much reasonable price.

  • Tape-in Hair Extensions

These are basically 5-8 inch long extensions. They can be applied very easily. You do not need an iron or a blow dryer. It consists of wefts. Each of the wefts is consists of either a single sided or a double sided stick-on. It only takes 60-90 minutes in total. You can apply it for 4-6 weeks which is long enough. It does not damage your hair at all. It gives your hair a natural look, hence, no one can actually tell that you are wearing hair extensions. They are very light weighted, therefore, they do not produce any stress on your head either. The best thing about them is that if you take really good care of them you can reuse them. Visit here for more.

However, you cannot tie your hair very comfortably. Moreover, you cannot use them while swimming.

  • Weaving

It is applied basically the same as weaving. You are actually sewing your hair extensions in your hair. However, it is important that you have thick hair. They cannot be used for thin hair as they will not stay. This type of extensions is mostly used by the African women, as they have thicker hair.

It lasts for more than two months. It takes only 2-4 hours to attach these extensions to your hair. You would not need any type of glue for these extensions. You can style your hair any way you want. You can also use silicon iron rod to straighten them. These are the best ones to get if you have short hair. However, it is better to get them done by professionals only.

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