How Can Physiotherapy Help Relieve Body Pains

How Can Physiotherapy Help Relieve Body Pains

Ongoing pain as a result of an accident, injury, or sustained misalignment is absolutely terrible, and all too often we are happy to simply grin and bear it instead of actually seeking out some professional help. Pain that is left untreated can actually cause some far more serious and potentially irreversible issues down the line, and therefore, we should all be heading to an accredited physiotherapist (post general practitioner) to lend a helping and healing hand. Curious about what to expect from a session or just wondering how physiotherapy can help to relieve your body pains? Read on!

Mixed Methods

Physiotherapy uses a multitude of different healing techniques and treatment methods to restore you back to full physical mobility and to cure your injury. In just one appointment, you can enjoy a range of different techniques including…

Dry Needling – Your physio might use a dry needling technique to target the source of a spasm or knot in a muscle. Acupuncture is able to pinpoint the core of your issue and effectively release tensions from your problem areas.

Pilates – Pilates is great for all-round strength building, flexibility, and fitness. Many physiotherapists use pilates to effectively treat a range of different injuries and ongoing issues, including back pain, posture correction, and muscle tension.

Stretching – Stretching is amazing for gently healing injuries and protecting you from suffering from the same issue again. Limber muscles are vital for mobility and physical performance, your therapist will help you to construct an effective routine that works for you and your body. Resistance bands and other professional sporting equipment might be used to ensure that your flexibility process goes as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

Strength Exercises – As mentioned above, strengthening exercises are an essential aspect of recovering from any kind of pain. Whether your issue is due to posture, injury, exercise or sleep position, developing the muscle groups and general areas around your pain will ensure that your problem is solved, and stays that way.

Massage – Remedial massage helps to rid your muscles of tension and ease pain caused by caught muscles. This is a fantastic relief whether you’re experiencing considerable pain or not!

Ultra-Sound – Ultrasound can help to identify just where tension or injury is sourced in a muscle allowing for more accurate massage or dry needling.

Holistic Approach

These are just some of the means in which a physiotherapist might treat your pain. This multifaceted approach signals just how holistic physiotherapy really is as a discipline. Instead of simply looking at an issue and targeting just that, your physio will work to improve your entire physical state and overall mobility. This commitment to holistic healing means that you’re not just getting the benefits of dismissed pain. Your entire physique will feel in perfect health with just one or two treatments, let alone the selection that’s on offer at your physio! Get ready for better exercise, sleep, working posture, and all-around health.

Consistent Appointments

Ongoing care is key to effectively treating your pain problems. Unfortunately, we’ve all become a little too accustomed to the notion of a quick fix. With everything so readily available to us, we often think that our healing process has to be as quick as getting dinner ordered in on a Friday night. Your pain will not be fixed in just one session, in fact, committing to ongoing physiotherapy is actually going to make you feel better than you have in years, but it will take you a while to get there. The holistic approach, personalized treatments, and ongoing support will provide amazing solutions to all of your concerns.

Take-Home Exercises

Lastly, your pain healing process will be sped up through the use of take-home exercises. These are a great supplementation to your ongoing treatment, and a fantastic lesson in how to take better care of yourself for the whole of your life. The educational aspect of consistent physio and your take-home exercises will help you to deal with your pain for years to come!

Ready to book your physiotherapy appointment? With so many benefits, treatments, and options, there’s no way you’ll regret it!




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