How to Choose the Right Underwear for Jock Itch? (The Most Useful Tips)

It’s time to do your homework if you want to wear the right underwear for jock itch. If the underwear you’re wearing right now isn’t satisfying enough. There is something you do to change that. You just have to do know how to choose the right underwear for jock itch.

Underwear for jock itch can feel snug as a bug in a rug. It has a soft material, long-lasting breathability, and no tightness in fit. But no two pairs of underwear are made the same. You have to consider the fabric, fit, and style of the underwear.

Jock itch is not a tough nut to crack. Unless you continue wearing tight and uncomfortable, it can heal really fast. All you want is something that feels light, comfortable, and moisture-wicking.

I want to touch upon a few important criteria. How you can heal jock itch faster with the right underwear? And how to choose the right underwear for jock itch?

What Exactly to Look For

Jock itch is a type of skin infection. It often occurs on your inner thighs and groin. The area around your penis and testicles is also prone to a jock itch. Basically anywhere the underwear fabric touches you.

It’s a really sensitive area to get infected, right? Sweating a lot or not keeping the area clean and dry can lead to this. But here’s how you can wear the right underwear to prevent a jock itch.

Breathable Materials

Breathability and softness go hand-in-hand. Underwear is supposed to feel light and supple against the skin. It doesn’t matter what type of underwear you’re wearing. For example, cotton and bamboo are natural and breathable materials.

They don’t cause chafing, itchiness, or dampness. Even if you wear them on a daily basis or while you’re working out. Cotton is quick to dry and never traps moisture inside. So even if the material rubs against your skin as you walk, it won’t cause any bother.

Other fabrics like polyester and spandex are commendable too. However, when combined with cotton, they do a better job of keeping your groin dry and sweat-free.

Not a Very Tight Fit

It goes without saying that underwear styles than are not boxers are supposed to fit tight. Because if undies like briefs and boxer briefs are even a little bit loose. Then you’re welcoming even more discomfort in the form of an itchy feeling. Or excessive freedom of movement.

But is it really necessary for the pair of underwear to be so skin-tight? No, it’s not. An extremely tight fit should always be avoided. Irrespective of your size. And for conditions like jock itch, you should stay away from this kind of a fit even more.

Just the idea of the fabric of the underwear rubbing against the skin sounds uncomfortable and painful. It doesn’t even let sweat or moisture dry up. And that implies more friction in your crotch and the area between your thighs.

So make sure the underwear offers enough space for air circulation and mobility. While also fitting snugly in a comfortable, well-ventilated manner.

Underwear Style

The most common styles of underwear are boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs. Even thongs are quite popular among men. But what is the most comfortable and safest to wear when dealing with jock itch? Well, the answer depends on your personal preferences.

Most men choose boxer briefs because it offers the best of both worlds. The full coverage of boxers and the great support of briefs. Along with the much-needed breathability and stretch. That makes boxer briefs an excellent choice for physical sports and activities as well.

But you might not find boxer briefs the most comfortable if you’re not used to wearing them. In that case, if your daily underwear is a pair of briefs or boxers, then go for that. As long as they’re not thongs, you’re in safe hands.

The End

The thing about jock itch is that it’s a fungal infection of the skin. The most common areas where jock itch occurs are the genitals, inner thighs, and butt. And it takes the form of ring-shape inflammation.

The most common causes include too tight underwear, lack of breathability, too much sweating or moisture, humidity, etc. Mainly athletes and fitness enthusiasts who work out in very tight underwear are forced to deal with this condition. Or those that sleep wearing tight undies.

So it’s very important to know how to choose the right underwear for jock itch. It’s also important to understand that keeping your area down there clean, dry, and fresh prevents the formation of jock itch in the first place. So think twice before you go commando for work or to the gym.

Also think twice when buying underwear. Because you have to prioritize factors like breathability, softness, freedom of movement, fit, style, etc. It might seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. But that’s what this article is for, isn’t it? To make the selection process easier!

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Kathy Harvey is a blogger proud of being an underwear expert. The diverse articles on Harvey’s blog, Undywears, is all about making the right underwear choices. Even modern bloggers sometimes don’t talk about the most practical topics like underwear. But Kathy Harvey is slowly trying to change that by coming up with subjects that often get neglected when it comes to the penis and its health.

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