How To Dress Properly For Men

Just like women, men have a whole range of proper dress code on different occasions. In business places, their dress code rules are written on how to dress appropriately according to the occasion in hand. Like you will get the memo or invitation card which say Black Tie Event, or it says Black Tie Optional etc.

Other than the business places, a man has to be aware of formal wear, semi-formal, and casual wear in order to be respected for the circumstances of those events. Check out the formal dressing website along with otherlinks.

We have some tips for the men dressing for different occasions. Let’s have a look:

Formal Dressing

Weddings: Usually the weddings dress code is similar to the business dressing although some invitations include what kind of formal dress code they require. Other factors like location and time also affect the dressing of a man. A dark suit, a light color shirt preferably white, a decent tie or tuxedo with polish shoes is generally considered acceptable.

Men should dress up smartly and elegantly but not over as this occasion is to pay your respects to the marrying couple. If you are the groom, or you are in the groom’s squad then opting for a flower on your coat would be a great addition. Make sure to coordinate with the wedding couples for that.

Graduation Ceremonies: Graduation ceremonies require the same attire as the weddings because of the same reason that this dress code is worn in respect for those people who are getting honored.With a ceremonial robe, always wear nice shiny dress footwear with nice socks and pants.

Always go for the collared shirt for graduation and opt for a decent tie, you can choose the color of a tie according to the school’s special colors.Leave your jacket off while wearing a ceremonial robe to avoid bulky look but keep it in close range to wear in reception and for picture taking sessions.

Funerals: Usually black suit is preferred but it is not necessary in modern times. Wear white shirt as it’s more formal with dress shoes. Do not wear any fashionable or flashy as you are there to show support, not for modeling.


First Date: Given the circumstances, on the first date people go for the movies or somewhere casual so wearing too casual and too formal both are bad for the first date. Try dark colored pants denim with polo T-shirt and wear any jacket and you will do just fine.

Cocktail Parties:Cocktail parties are informal but there are many people who don’t know each other so dress semi-formal to manage yourself. In these parties, there are a lot of business-related people who pass judgement and even some business deals happen as well. go with the suit but don’t wear a tie. Make your choice according to the gathering there.

Reception:Receptions are usually given when somebody’s got married, someone had a baby, someone has achieved something etc. so semi-formal dressing is good for that occasion.

Casual Dressing

Get together Parties: Get together is usually relaxed and among friends, so you can wear jeans and a T-shirt with any kind of casual shoes.Parties can of different types and in school, college, or university, these parties are casual. They are supposedly relaxed events and people don’t dress up too formal here.

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