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How to Get an Online Domain Name in Dubai for your Great Website?

.ae domain name

Every day, lots of people around the world use the internet. They access it by entering a .ae domain into the web browser’s address bar for a great website in Dubai. The browser and the technology behind that one direct you to the desired website. But how exactly do domain names work, and what exactly are they? For example, how do you get an online domain name in Dubai for your great website?

What exactly are online domain names?

Consequently, if your website is a home, an online domain name is its address. An online domain name is an address visitors type into their browser’s URL bar to access your website. For example, the domain name for is gulfbusiness. com.

Although they may appear the same thing, a domain name and a URL are different. The domain name is the website’s actual name, such as Hence, a URL is a complete path that leads to a specific page, such as

The URL is the complete online address to find a specific page, including the domain name.

Top-level domains and country-code top-level domains are the two most common types of domains. TLDs, or top-level domains, are very well domain name extensions such,.net, Meanwhile, ccTLDs are country-specific domain extensions like .uk or .ae domain.

Every domain has a suffix that indicates the TLD that it belongs.

Choosing an Online Domain Name for Your Website

It is critical to select a specific name when registering your domain name. It should be short, memorable, and related to your business with the appropriate keywords.

Today, it is difficult because most “good” names are not available. For example, every car company wants to name its website But domain names are unique by nature, and only one party can keep a name at a time. It is where innovation and creativity enter the picture. Only a few website extensions were available at the internet’s inception, such Then there were ccTLDs like the .ae domain.

However, you can make a geographical connection by extending the domain name with a keyword like

Abu Dhabi has recently introduced .abudhabi as a TLD name in keeping with domain names. It drives global promotion for the emirate, boosts online business, and attracts more state attention.

Registering your online domain name in Dubai for your Great Website

The TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) is the regulatory authority and registry operator for the .ae domain registration in Dubai, UAE.

However, Navicosoft also offers the option of registering an online domain ending in .ae domain registration. They are the best online domain name registrars in Dubai for your excellent website.

You can choose between global and local registrars for other TLDs, such as .com. Each TLDs (top-level domain) and ccTLDs (country code top-level domain) are assigned to a registrar, managing and enforcing all policies.

Online Domain pricing in Dubai

Many factors influence online domain pricing. When you buy a .ae domain name, the seller, usually a web hosting company, is referred to as the registrar. The registrar obtains your .ae domain registration from the central registry (TRA in the UAE).

The registrar has a greater incentive to keep the two supply chain links low. They will charge a small fee in addition to what they require to pay the registry for your .ae domain registration. It accomplishes to help offset operating expenses. The market competition encourages registrars to keep prices low to attract and retain more customers.

In contrast, registries have little incentive to keep domain prices low because some may consider a dominance on domains. There can only be one registry in each popular domain name, such as .com, .net, and .org.

As a result, the ICANN ( Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit organization, acts as an international watchdog. It helps keep domain costs in check by restricting how much registries can charge. Before they can even do business, all registries must sign a contract with ICANN.

What is the price?

A .ae domain name registration is typically as low as $68.03/year. The price difference determines by the registrar you use and the .ae domain registration you want.

There is a large aftermarket for good names, and so-called “domain name registrars” invest in domains to sell them for a profit later.

These domain name providers will typically create a landing page on their website. It states that the domain name is for sale and includes contact information for a potential sale.

Buy an online domain name in Dubai with Navicosoft and save!

While they are helping you understand what an online domain name is and why it is essential to your business in Dubai, they offer you the best plan to get your .ae domain registration in Dubai for your great website.

Please look at their affordable domain registration services and receive 100% business success!

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