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How To Rescind a Timeshare Contract and Get Out of Your Agreement

If you’re stuck in a timeshare contract that you no longer want, you may be wondering how to get out of your agreement. Although it’s not always easy to rescind a timeshare contract, it is possible in some cases. From finding a timeshare attorney to gathering documents, keep reading to learn more about how to rescind a timeshare contract and get out of your agreement.

Gather your documents.

When you have decided that you want to cancel your timeshare contract, the first step is gathering the documents you will need. You will need to provide evidence that you meet the criteria for cancellation, as outlined by the Federal Trade Commission. This includes proof of membership in a timeshare resort, as well as documentation of any misrepresentations or fraud on the part of the timeshare or salesperson. If you paid for your timeshare using a credit card, you will also need to provide copies of your billing statements from the time of purchase onward.

Beware of scams.

There are a number of scams that promise to help you rescind a timeshare contract for a fee. One common scam is to send you a letter or email that looks official, telling you that you can cancel your timeshare agreement if you pay a fee. However, these letters are not from legitimate organizations and you will not be able to rescind your contract by paying a fee. Another common scam is to offer a “timeshare cancellation service” that will help you get out of your contract. However, these services are not actually able to help you and will simply take your money without doing anything. If you are thinking about canceling your timeshare agreement, be sure to do your research and only work with a legitimate timeshare lawyer.

Determine if you have a valid reason to rescind the contract.

There are a few valid reasons to rescind (cancel) your timeshare contract, including if the resort goes out of business, if you can’t use your week due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, or if the developer fails to deliver on promised amenities. You should also be able to get out of the agreement without penalty if you can prove that the resort was misrepresented to you when you bought it. If any of these situations apply to you, contact the timeshare company and request a rescission form. Complete and return the form as instructed, and make sure to keep a copy for your records. If they are difficult, it’s time to contact a timeshare lawyer.

Hire a timeshare attorney.

Whatever the reason for wanting to get out of a timeshare contract, if you want to get out fast, you may need to hire a timeshare attorney. Timeshare attorneys are experts in contract law, and they can help you rescind your timeshare contract. This means that they will help you get out of the contract entirely, and they may be able to help you get a refund for the money you have already paid. Of course, hiring a timeshare attorney is not always an easy decision. It can be expensive, and it may not be possible in every situation. However, if you feel like you have no other options, hiring an attorney may be the best way to get out of your timeshare contract.

If you are in a timeshare contract and want to get out of it, it is important to know how to rescind the contract. You may be able to do this by contacting the resort directly or emailing complaints, or you may have to contact a legitimate timeshare attorney to represent and advocate for you.


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