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How to View and Download Instagram Stories Anonymously?

What could be more beautiful than watching and downloading Instagram Stories of your favorite people, right? Especially if you are stalking your crush or spying on someone and couldn’t skip their single activity or move, then viewing their Instagram stories anonymously makes more sense.

Instagram is the most popular and reliable social media network that has 1.38 billion users worldwide. The platform gets better every single day and invites more & more people to use this brilliant channel. It offers a wonderful user experience that makes people feel good while using its features. 

Today we are going to tell you everything about Instagram Stories and how you can watch and download them anonymously without letting the user know.

What are Instagram Stories?

The Instagram stores feature has been around for years, most people upload their daily activities on stories so they could share everything with their followers, friends, and family.

You can add multiple photos and videos to your story and add different kinds of fabulous filters. Besides adding photos and videos, you could also ask a question, start a poll, add music and do a lot more activities to engage your audience. After editing the story, adding filters, and writing text, you can share it with your group of friends. There is also an option to share it with custom people where you can choose your own audience and share the story with specific people. 

Your Instagram story will be visible for 24 hours. You can add music and do much more to get more views on your story. However, if you have created a masterpiece story and want it to remain there forever, then you can also create it as a “highlight”. People also use the Instagram highlights download option so they can watch everything anonymously. 

How to Download Instagram Stories Anonymously?

It’s extremely difficult to view and download Instagram stories without letting people know; it is the year 2021, and there are lots of methods and techniques that make the task easier. The surprising thing is you don’t even have to log in to your Insta account to download stories. Your identity will be completely hidden while watching and downloading the stories.

However, there are many things that you should consider while doing it. It’s not hard to understand the intentions of people who are searching for methods to download Instagram stories anonymously. Either they are spying on you, obsessed with you, or just have a romantic crush. 

The methods are even considered by top professionals and companies so they could watch over what strategies their competitors are using and how you could do better to achieve a milestone.

Winning fast followers is also one of the big reasons why people consider Instagram story download online?

So, if you want to use it for positive reasons, then here are some important methods that you could consider for IG story download.

  • Turn on Your Airplane Mode:

You must have downloaded your Instagram app on your smartphone, right? So, considering this, the simplest method to download stories anonymously is, turn on your airplane mode. Whether you are using an iPhone or android, turning on airplane mode is very easy and simple. 

Open your Instagram account and wait for a couple of seconds so that all the stories could load and be visible on the stories section. After that, turn on your airplane mode. And then go back to Insta again. Now all the stories are already loaded, so you can easily view them one by one.

Since the airplane mode is on, your view wouldn’t count. To add an extra layer of security, immediately close your Instagram app after seeing the stories and do not leave it running in the background. This is an ultimately simple and straightforward method to download Instagram stories anonymously.

  • Use Web Browser Extension:

You must have heard about the extensions of Google Chrome or Firefox. This is another easy method to download all the stories anonymously. Once you install any tool or extension in your browser, it’s easy to access all the stories on the desktop easily. Using that method, your view will never count. If you are using Firefox, StoriesWatcher is the right tool to consider for watching and downloading stories anonymously. 

  • Online Instagram Story Viewer:

This is the third method to consider for downloading IG stories, especially if you don’t want to activate your airplane mode due to any reason, then this is the alternative method to choose.

You can consider using Online Instagram Stories Viewer to check all the stories without even logging in to your account. There are plenty of online tools available that can do all the work for you.

The Instagram Stories Viewer is an extremely reliable and result-driven website used by thousands of people. When you access this website, you can paste the link of the person’s profile and can watch & download his story without letting him know.

However, there is one downside of this method. The website only works for public accounts. If your user has a private account, then unfortunately you cannot view his story using this tool and you will need to consider other websites.

  • Use Mobile Apps to Download Stories:

If you want to download IG stories completely anonymously, then there are several dedicated apps created for this purpose. If you are an android user, you can consider the StorySaver application. Download it from Google Play Store and then follow the next steps to use the app.

  • Create a New IG Account:

In case you are not convinced with all the above methods, there is still a simple and old-school method. Create another Instagram account to download stories anonymously.

The method is frequently used by thousands of people who don’t want to use any apps or tools. This is the easiest method to check stories. However, if the person’s account is private, then first you will have to follow him so his stories could be visible for you.

Wrapping up:

So here was our analysis of downloading Instagram stories anonymously. If you also know some other method that works well, feel free to share it with us. We will be happy to include it in our list.

We hope that all the above methods will work best for you. 

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