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James Pratt Fashion Style

James Pratt Fashion Style

James Pratt has again been ranked alongside Australia’s best and brightest, recently Winning Australia’s Top 5 under 35.

The young Australian has already been extraordinarily successful, In 2019 and 2020 he won the number one auctioneer in Australia award at the REB awards, alongside this, he hosts the TV series Conversation Hollywood and is starring in two USA feature films. In April 2019 James made history by becoming the first person in the world to successfully auction luxury real estate by way of cryptocurrency.

Starting his career as a real estate auctioneer, James quickly became famous around the globe for selling celebrity houses for astonishing prices through auction and soon signed a TV contract with powerhouse Television studio Ebersol Lanigan for his own show. Since then he has branched into film, television and entrepreneurship and was a keynote speaker in New York for the 2020 NBC Comcast I talk series alongside Bravo TV’s Ali Levine and Jay’z Philly Freeway.

As a person, James Pratt loves to relax with his friends, surfing, swimming and hiking when in Los Angeles. In one of his recent interviews, he said “I prefer to surf or be with my friends than go out to clubs or bars.

Through previous interviews, James has made a note that ambition and generosity are critical to success and not to be discouraged if other people don’t want to run the race at your speed. While talking to a TV reporter on the red carpet in New York last year, James advised newcomers saying, “Never settle, you only get one life, so aim for the stars and be ambitious. He also said, “If you are facing adversity that usually means you are on the right track toward big goals.

As an actor, director and auctioneer James Pratt has rapidly been building influence in both Australia and the United States.

As a fashion style statement, James Pratt shows off elegant and stunning outfits that are exclusively witnessed on multiple A list occasions such as, The Toronto International Film Festival 2019, The Oscars and Emmy’s 2019 and Italk New York. James Pratt encourages others to not give up on their passion and is an inspiration to others around the world in success and style.

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