Lilly Dennis is Taking Hollywood and Broadway by Storm.

Lilly Dennis is Taking Hollywood and Broadway by Storm.

If you know anything about up and coming actors in Hollywood, then you have heard the name, Lilly Dennis.  Lilly Dennis is a young talented actress who moved from Tasmania to break into the film and TV industry in Los Angeles.  Dennis had a very successful theater career back in Australia and on top of breaking into film and TV in Los Angeles she is also broke into the theater in New York; having recently made her Broadway debut.

This young talent graduated from one of the top acting schools in the word, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and then sprung into the film and TV industry.  She appeared in a series along-side Sandy Martin and has worked with directors such as Ian Ogilvy.  Dennis has been in New York this past year performing her one-person show, Chocoholic, on Broadway.

The show is an autobiographical piece that explores a comedic take on grief.  The show has been a complete hit on Broadway and was part of The United Solo Theater Festival; the biggest theater festival in the world.  The show was originally directed by famed theater director Debra Deliso and the show just won Best Solo Show in United Solo Theater Festival.

Lilly Dennis

The award-winning actress is currently back in LA working on a series set to be on a streaming service next year called I Can’t Help You, which is an amazing comedic series also starring Angela Getz (a Second City Alum).  Getz just finished directing her film Still Here, also starring Dennis, in association with Warner Brothers and AT&T.

Lilly Dennis is an actor who is not only making waves with her incredible raw talent but she also has an amazing philanthropic side.  Dennis used every dime in ticket sales from her show Chocoholic to donate straight to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  Cancer is the main theme of her the show Chocoholic, so this is a cause very close to her heart.

Dennis was interviewed at a red carpet event earlier this month and said the following, “I always believe in paying it forward and in a world where we are surrounded by grief that is glorified in the media – we have to make a choice to see the humanity in the grief and figure out how we can take action and make a change.”  Ms. Dennis is the definition of an up and coming actor and one to look out for.

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