Lingerie for Different Body Types

Lingerie for Different Body Types

You visited a lingerie store, you’re standing there and you look at the numerous colors, sizes, and types that bras come in and you’re confused. The truth is it’s not an easy job to choose a bra for yourself since it’s one of the things that is different for every individual and at some point or another we’ve all been there. What could make your life easier is knowing which lingerie would suit you perfectly?

There are a few specific terms to define general body types. Here’s a list of different types of lingerie you could go for according to your type.

Long Torso:

Having a long torso ultimately means shorter legs alongside a longer middle region of the body. This type calls for lingerie with high waists. Another option is to go for crop tops that’ll attract attention towards the often overlooked parts of your body, your legs and shoulders.

Slender Figure:

A slender figure is when you’re blessed with the perfect long and muscular frame. Women with slender figures are swooned over the most since they could take this opportunity to experiment with lingerie as anything and everything they wear would accompany their figure perfectly.

Pear Shaped:

Pear shape bodies are those that have a comparatively smaller proportioned shoulders and chest as compared to their thicker sized thighs and butt. This calls for the trending plunging neckline lingerie that’ll catch everyone’s eyes on your figure from top to bottom.

Smaller Chests:

Smaller chested people long for larger busts when they could easily make themselves the center of spotlight. Moreover, smaller chests always face the problems of falling straps and not enough support for strapless bras. Well, you could explore your feminine side as well by trying racker backbralettes for your figure.

Wider Shoulder-Set:

A wider shoulder-set means having broader proportioned shoulders than the rest of your body. Broad shoulder women can go for lingerie that equalizes both their upper and lower half by complimenting both. Why not give flare-bottomed babydolls a try at this point to equally attract towards your entire figure.

Hourglass Figure:

An hourglass figure is like it states a figure in the shape of an hourglass, making your chest and butt thicker while your waist is on the slimmer side. The goal in hourglass figures is to highlight your waist. Garter belts are the best option in this case, they both add a plus point to your sexiness along with giving your waist the spotlight it needs.

Larger Busts:

The larger bust is a term used for larger chests. Contrary to the common conception, a larger bust does not mean you’re good to go for the lingerie part of your life. Bigger busts ask for more support as well as make it hard to buy matching lingerie sets. To balance out this ratio go for panties with higher waists to feature the rest of your figure as well.

Lingerie has become an expensive item especially ones that are trending and add to your sexuality as compared to simple lingerie. However, missing out on hot lingerie is not the option for when this happens. To get a hand on the latest hot lingerie at discounted prices don’t miss this opportunity and check out our website where we offer the hottest discount lingerie.

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