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Lockdown made us sustainable with our fashion trends

The epidemic situation of COVID_19 affects the routine, business, lifestyle, and trends. To stop and avoid the spread of the virus countries around the world applies the lockdown. Some setups are partially or others are completely shut down in the lockdown situation around the world. The situation put great influence over the habits, trends, and much more.

The lockdown influences fashion trends and limits the desire. As people did not allow to go out for several months that contract the approach to think about the latest outfit, shoe wear, and much more. Most people least pay attention to what they are having in the wardrobe for the upcoming season.

In the whole situation, sustainable fashion trends are followed but did not get that much attention from the public. Fashion has a poor reputation, influences badly the industry, and gets limited or no attention from the people. As the shops or businesses not running or partially running are failed to approach the required level of profit. In the lockdown situation industry running and earning low profits. Another impact of the lockdown over the prices of the products astonished the customers, to cover the gap the prices are artificially set at high. But the market trends are changing so the buying habits of the buyers.

A raise of a question, has the pandemic changed fashion? And the answer is yes it influence over the fashion, buying decision of customers, prices of products, and industry profits. All the changes that occur in the market are because of the buying power of the people. Due to the lockdown people fails to continue their jobs, feel a threat from the virus and the main concern was to health or protection. Impulsive purchases are stopped from the customers and only necessary spending trends are visible in the market.

Moreover, people are spending more on sustainable products than those who need to change after a few months. Occasionally purchases are limited or almost ended, now customers prefer to do long-term investments. The major change in the trend is visible due to the income, cheap alternatives are no more attraction for the major population.

The influence over the change in fashion comes from the influencers and celebrities who promote awareness campaigns. The purpose to reduce waste and respect the atmosphere that people fail to realize before the pandemic. But the lockdown open eyes and everyone thinking about to quite the mass wastage that impact over the fashion trends and bring change in the industry at huge.

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