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Mads Moslund Breaks the Silence: Here’s Why I Disappeared from Social Media

Friday it was announced that Mads Moslund is starring in the second season of the popular TV 2 series ‘Roomies.’ At the same time, he just announced his comeback to social media.
The 18-year-old actor, who before his break, regularly shared photos from his life with his fans. It turns out, that he’s now back and better.

Needed a Break:

In an interview with, Mads explained why he took the break:

I decided to take a short break from social media, as I found it too stressful. It was my own fault, ‘cause I was basically living my life through Instagram, constantly chasing the perfect photo. If I was going to an event, I didn’t look forward to being there, instead, I looked forward to posting from there – and that is when I realized that I needed a break”                                                                

Mads Moslund told

– “Yay, you’re back!”, “Good to see you’re alive,” is just some of the reactions from his fans.

Needed Focus

However, his publicist, Mille Dies from the agency CPH24, says that part of the reason he took the break, was to focus on his career.
“It has been a natural part of the workflow, which required peace and focus,” she told
We’re excited to see you back, Mads!

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