Measuring Time with Light- ONNE Watch

Time is precious, everyone says this. But what about the device we measure our time in? How important it is for us and is it only about time?

No doubt either you see time in a digital watch or a smartwatch you will get the same results. But if your watch is the uaunique accessory you hold, it matters the most I your outlook. With time we have seen many different watches that came into existence and become famous. Some differ in their physical look, some have some extraordinary mechanism and some are for multipurpose like Quartz watches, mechanical watches, diver watches, chronograph watches etc.

Now again the time is evolved and we have another amazing kind of watch that stands completely different from all the watched up till now. These are ONNE watches. With the unpredictable name they have a jaw dropping featured look. The watch basically stand out from other ordinary watches not in terms of the mechanism or functions it has but the distinctive look it holds.

Some specific features of the ONNE watch is:

  • Light weighted- 56g
  • No ordinary pointers in the watch making it the most unique of all
  • Eight tonalities, you can choose from what color you want to spend your day with
  • No black mirror syndrome, just like the every other typical watches.
  • Waterproof
  • Recharges in 45 minutes

The watch is inspired from state of the art technology of Amoled display where the watch is basically about colors and not only time. From 8 different shades, you can have any at anytime.

Today the smart watches have acquired the world with mobile applications in it leading to mislead the purpose of watches. People have no peace at all. ONNE watches have given so much reconciliation to its holders that they have made the whole concept of measuring time completely different. Now let’s check it out here:

The watch will represent your time with light and colors which is obviously in your hands. There are 3 concentric circles on the display of watch and heading outwards from the origin of the circle there are hours, minutes and seconds representation. The so called pointer that is actually not here is represented by the beginning and end of the gradient on the circle.

This is how smartly designed the watch is, without any limits, a complete artistic piece to wear. Women and man can equally have it as this wrist accessory has no discrimination in colors. It is a fashion statement as you can look gorgeous with this in your hand and probably be the center of attention.Whenever you look at it to check your time, it won’t only tell you the time but assures you that there is some life remaining in it. As colors have a good aura on them, every color that you will see in the watch will make an impact in your life. This ONNE watch is worth having in your wrist due to the distinctiveness and beauty it holds.

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