Nail Design Becoming an It-Accessoire

Nail Design becoming an It-Accessoire

For a long time, accessories were a rather trivial part of styles and outfits, nice to have, but at the end of the day not that important. However, in recent years, especially due to social media, the importance of accessories has changed significantly, from being a minor aspect of an outfit to being the part that makes or breaks it. Although finding nice accessories is no challenge at all, finding just the perfect accessory in an ever-expanding market of options market is fast becoming difficult.

Nail design just recently had the long-awaited renaissance. The right nail design is now an extremely important part of any outfit, one bottle of nail polish for the entire wardrobe is not going to do it anymore. Not surprisingly, as well-groomed hands with the right nail design are the best business card you can ask for. Ideal are nail wraps (Nagelfolienin German), thin and self-adhesive foils, which are applied directly to the nails. Nail wraps come in many different designs and colors, making them a new and versatile IT accessoire that does not require a lot of money or time in the nail salon.

Customers at Blikka find a broad and continuously growing portfolio for their nails. Blikka is an online shop,, and a young trendy brand specializing in nail design. The wide portfolio offers styles for all sorts of situations and occasions: be it a party, an official event, the regular office routine, going crazy and shopping with friends or having a chilling holiday out on the beach. The designs are similarly heterogeneous, from plain to glitter, from dots to tartan, from abstract forms and patterns to floral designs, cute, golden, sparkling, etc.

But it’s not only the design that makes nail wraps a new It-accessory. The application is also so easy! Clean the nail, place the foil on the nail, press it on the nail and you’re done. The wraps are thin, so they don’t look like thick plastic nails, yet they are very robust and provide a long-lasting experience without splintering or flaking off. Hence, the nail wraps provide a useful alternative to nail polish or time-consuming and expensive visits to nail salons, which may sometimes even harbor health hazards.

Blikka offers nails accessories for every outfit and occasion. Simply perfect your own outfit – look better, feel better, so easy now.

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