Nailwraps From Blikka – The Innovation You Never Knew You Needed

Nailwraps From Blikka – The Innovation You Never Knew You Needed

On the never-ending journey of perfecting ones beauty routine you sometimes get to that point where you feel like there is just nothing new out there. It stops being exciting and fun. You browse through Instagram as well as Youtube but click off after 30 seconds. On those days one can take a book and read about the pointlessness of existence or you turn to other people. I myself aim to be that kind of “other people”.

A friend of mine recommended nailwraps (Nagelfolien in Germany) to me and while I can admit that it is maybe not a necessary purchase, I wanted to have them. In addition to that there are also the practical advantages over nailpolish. It’s easy to stick it to your nail. After filing the edges off and applying a top coat you are ready to go in five minutes. No more waitingwaving, blowing, swearing and smudging and they are cheap!

For example there is this young company Blikka from Berlin,, that works together with creative designers from many different backgrounds. The bestsellers provide a lovely overview: from plain to glitter, from abstract forms and patterns to flower designs, from dots to tartan, cute, golden, sparkling, etc.

With Blikka you have 99 problems but your nails ain’t one 😉 Try something new!

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