New Dress socks you can workout in?

Sports sock on the bottom, dress knitting up the calf, ALMI is launching a sock that can be worn all day, from the office to the gym.

Introducing the Pro-Formance sock. By utilizing elite performance technologies on the bottom and fine dress knit going up the calf, ALMI has created a sock that can be worn all day; with dress shoes to the office, traveling, working out, playing, cooking, eating, sleeping… get the idea

They used a propriety nylon blend that offers exceptional performance and an unparalleled feel. For the cushioned footbed and reinforced toe box, they used a performance filament that is durable and provides a cloud-like feel.

By utilizing top of the line materials and technologies, such as light compression and silver for anti-odor, these socks will work great in any situation, be prepared for whatever you may come across.

They just launched on Kickstarter and are hoping to hit their goal of $8,000.

If you get their early enough you can take advantage of their early bird deal and get two pairs for $24, saving you $18.


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