Nine Style Tips on How to Wear Maxi Dresses

Nine Style Tips on How to Wear Maxi Dresses

A summer staple, maxi dresses are perfect for those who prefer a more bohemian-inspired look. Not only are they extremely flattering and super stylish, but they’re also a complete outfit on their own. But, for those who want to elevate their maxi dress game, here are nine style stips for your maxi dresses:

1. Keep It Comfy with Sneakers

1. Keep It Comfy with Sneakers

If you plan on walking around town all day, pairing your maxi dress with sneakers will not only save your feet but also add a layer of effortless chicness to your outfit. Jersey maxi dresses will pair best with sneakers due to the ‘athletic’ look of the fabric.

2. Casual Style with a Denim Jacket

If you’re heading out all day, a denim jacket will be the perfect cover for your maxi dress. Lightweight and classic, a denim jacket will provide enough warmth if there’s a slight breeze while complimenting almost any maxi dress. Opt for a cropped version to balance the length of the dress.

3. Belt It for Shape

Looser dresses like ASOS’s Tiered Collared Cotton Smock Midi Dressare a staple when going for the baby doll look. However, loose dresses can drown out girls with smaller frames. A belt will draw attention to your waist and accentuate it, giving you more of an hourglass figure.

4. Class It up with Heels

Almost every maxi dress can be classed up with a good pair of heels. If you want to show off your fancy shoes than opt for a maxi dress that ends just above the ankles like Flannel’s Claudette Strapless Dress.

5. Make It Edgy with a Leather Jacket

A good leather can make even the girliest of maxi dress more edgy immediately. Contrast floral printed maxi dresses like Gosling Max Shirt Dress with a black leather jacket for the ultimate city chic look. Or, opt for a coloured leather jacket for a more girlier approach.

6.Breezy Beach StyleBreezy Beach Style

The beach is where maxi dresses peak in style. The easy elegance and full length makes switching from beach to street style extremely easy, as well as saving the hassle of needing to put two pieces on. Feel the seaside breeze brush along the bottom of the dress for the ultimate beach style.

7.Flaunt It with Asymmetrical Designs

If your main concern with maxi dresses are their length, then asymmetrical maxi dresses will be the perfect answer for you. Maxi in the back and mini in the front, these dresses will provide the length while letting you show off your legs. For a fun summer option try Missguided’sYellow Gingham Tie Front Frill Midi Dress.

8. Add Prints for Fun

 If you’d rather let the style of your maxi dress speak for itself, then try a printed dress to spice up your outfit. Prints can draw the eye to different parts of your body if you choose to accentuate a specific part. Otherwise, if you’d rather an easy outfit fix then a printed maxi dress will create your outfit for you.

9. Keep It Simple Accessories 

If you need to dress up the same maxi dress from day to night, adding accessories is the easiest way to transition your look from casual to date night. Try Essential V Neck Long Slip Dress with its simple silhouette and silk material. Wear the dress with sneakers and a backpack during the day for an elevated day look, but put on some heels and a pair of statement earrings and the dress immediately becomes a sophisticated night look. Check out Flannel’s complete dresses range for ideal day to night choices.

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