Guide To The Perfect Tailored Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are a man’s best friend. It can work out for many occasions like a formal meeting, wedding or a casual meet up with friends. People usually go for the ready-made shirts in order to save time but finding the right ready-made fit is as rare as hen’s teeth. You end up with an uneven size or an irregular fit. If you wear a shirt that doesn’t fit you then you won’t be able to look ideal no matter how best the shirt looks.

Custom dress shirts can be the perfect solution for your problem as they are made according to your body measurements giving an elegant look. custom dress shirts brings you top quality made to measure clothing for all kinds of occasions. Make the perfect tailored shirts with the best online tailor in town.

Why Choose A Custom Tailored Shirt

Why Choose A Custom Tailored Shirt

Why Choose A Custom Tailored Shirt

Wearing a custom made shirt is a priceless luxury because it is one of a kind and exclusively made for you. The first reason why you should go for a custom made shirt by hockerty is that it will be the perfect fit for you plus it will be tailor made so you won’t have to worry about having the perfect physique to pull off a shirt. Secondly, if a tailored shirt is made according to the traditional standards with high quality fabric and good stitching then you can get yourself a shirt that will last long. If you compare a ready-made and a tailor made shirt in terms of value of money then tailored shirt will have a stronger position.

Who Should Choose A Custom Tailored Shirt

People who have a standard built can choose any option from ready-made shirts or made to measure shirts. This is because all the clothing brands have a standard universal fit that might not be preferred by every man out there.

If you are taller or shorter than an average person then getting the perfect ready-made fit can prove to be a daunting job, similarly if a person has belly which he wants to hide then choosing a custom made shirt will be the right choice.

Even if you have a beautiful body structure you can still go for tailored shirts as their fitting will make your athletic body much more attractive. What ever your problem is hockerty has got it all covered for you.

When To Wear A Custom Shirt

You can recall hundreds of situations in your life where you find yourself looking for the perfect suit. Below are some of the occasions on which you can wear a tailored dress shirt;

Wedding: Everybody wants to look the best on their big day. Usually people go for ready-made brands but it is always advised to choose a custom suit. Hockerty can help you design your very own dress shirts which are made to measure so you can present the best dressed version of yourself in front of people.

Job Interview: Whenever you go for a job interview the first thing the interviewer judges is the way you have dressed. A person who has worn an irregular fit suit then it can be a major turn off. Ace your job interviews and leave a classy first impression on the people around you by wearing a custom made hockerty dress shirt.

Formal/Business Meetings: When you are up for a business meeting then you are expected to be wearing a formal suit with a perfectly fit dress shirt. Having your very own design and fit can boost your confidence and also leave an impression of a confident and well dressed personality.

How To Get The Perfect Shirt

How To Get The Perfect Shirt

How To Get The Perfect Shirt

When you are looking for the perfect tailored dress shirt then there are few things that you have to keep in mind. Fabric, Fit, and Stitch style are all the ingredients of a good dress shirt. Here is what you should consider;

  • Fabric: Cotton is the most widely used fabric for dress shirts. There are two types of cotton shirts namely single ply and double ply. 2-ply shirts have a thicker fabric with a tougher stitch so it is usually the better option. However, the weight of the fabric also has a major role in deciding the quality of shirt. A good dress shirt weighs around 150-300 grams.
  • Fit: One of the main reasons for choosing a tailored shirt is that it fits perfectly. A perfect fit consists of wrinkle free chest and collar perfectly aligned with the shoulders. Moreover, the length of cuffs should be enough that it doesn’t move away from your wrist.
  • Stitch: The stitching style holds immense importance not just in the durability of the shirt but also in its overall look. A well tailored shirt has around 7 stitches per centimeter that make it resistant to tearing. Similarly, a well stitched shirt will have a better look as compared to poorly stitched ones.

Join hands with hockerty, the best online tailor in town as you embark on the journey of designing the perfect tailored dress shirt for yourself.

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