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Remove Hair and Scalp Build Up For Healthy Hair

Remove Hair and Scalp Build Up For Healthy Hair

If you have oily hair and roots, you know how important a good shampoo is. You need one that’s cleansing, yet won’t strip your scalp too much as that will only exacerbate the issue (when your shampoo is too drying, it tricks your scalp into overdrive mode, thereby producing more oil and creating a vicious cycle). But you also want something that’s going to ensure you don’t have buildup at the follicle, which can lead to inflammation. Finally, you want something that will make sure you get a little lift—greasy roots are notorious for causing flat hairstyles. The best clarifying shampoo for oily hair is HONEYDEW.

This particular category of shampoo works like a magnet to attract any excess sebum sitting on the scalp. It’ll strip back pollution, oil, and product build-up, meaning each wash leaves you with a completely clean slate, which will take that bit longer to turn greasy again.

If you have naturally greasy hair, celebrity hairdresser Jamie Stevens also recommends not conditioning every time you wash and conditioning just at the ends. He also claims using a natural bristle brush will redistribute the oil from the roots down the hair shaft. But don’t over-brush (that encourages more oil production) and keep your brush clean so that oil isn’t transferred back onto your hair. He also says to swerve heavy moisturizing ingredients and silicones. Stevens explains that these, “can cause a build-up on the hair shaft and are hard to remove, which will exacerbate the problem”.


Larry King Haircare City Life Shampoo:

One-third of celebrity hairstylist Larry King’s brand new shampoo collection, Wash Cycle, City Life Shampoo is perfect for completely rinsing hair of product build-up, pollution, sweat, and sebum. Just one lather and rinse leaves the scalp feeling ridiculously clean.

Kerastase Specifique Bain Divalent Shampoo:

This silicone-free shampoo relies on glycine and vitamin B6 to get rid of oily roots while keeping ends soft and hydrated. Every hairdresser’s go-to for greasy-haired clients.

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay:

Clay shampoo sounds scary, but clay is often used in face masks for problem skin as it dries up excess sebum and purges pores, leaving complexions fresh and super clean. This shampoo applies the same thesis to the scalp. Bravo L’Oreal.

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