Top 10 Richest Actors According to their Net Worth

We all have our favorite actors and we love to see them on the big screen and we also love to know all the little things about them, like their favorite color, food and things like that. So, if you are interested in these things and you want to know the net worth of your favorite actor, or if you want to see that is he even in the celebrity net worth list, then here is the list of richest actors, according to their net worth, have a look;

  • Jerry Seinfeld:

Jerry is one of the richest celebrity of 2018 according to his net worth, he is basically a comedian and he got people’s attention and popularity from a TV series called ‘Seinfeld’and he did not only act on that show, he also directed it and after that TV series he has done hundreds of comedy shoes and has become people’s favorite. Jerry Seinfeld’s net worth is $870 million.

  • Tyler Perry:

He is a multi-talented person, Tyler Perry is not only an actor, and he is a director and a producer as well and if we talk about filmmaking the he has become one of the most successful businessmen as in five years, his five films were trending #1, his total net worth is $600 million.

  • Tom Cruise:

Who on Earth does not know Tom Cruise? He is the man and has been in this field for past many years now and he has been in some of the most famous Hollywood movies and has a crazy fan following as well. Tom Cruise net worth is $550 million.

  • George Clooney:

People do not usually believe this but George Clooney lived out in his car for a really long time when he was trying to become an actor, so he has seen a lot of difficulties before becoming famous. He is also a multi-talented person, he is an actor, director, producer and a philanthropist as well. His total net worth is $500 million.

  • Jack Nicholson:

If you have seen ‘Shinning’ then you must know this man. He has played a great number of roles in films and that too in a different genre, he can play any character and that too gracefully. He has been nominated for Oscars for nine times and has won it 3 times and not just that, he is that one actor who is the most nominated one in the Academy Awards. His net worth is $400 million.

  • Tom Hanks:

From comedy to serious, this man can perform any role and will do justice to it. People praise him for his role in Forest Gump but he has done some other great roles as well and has been in some really great Hollywood movies. He has won two Oscars and one of them was for Forest Gump, his net worth is $390 million.

  • Clint Eastwood:

Out of all of these actors on the list, he is the oldest one and he is not just an actor, he is a director as well and for that, he has won Oscars as well. So, yes as people say, there is no age limit in this industry, you can work when you are a child and when you are old as well. His total net worth is $370 million.

  • Adam Sandler:

Adam Sandler is commonly known for his comedy roles and for his voice over in animated films as well. His net worth is $340 million and he donates most of his income and he likes to live a normal life.

  • Mel Gibson:

He is one of the most famous actors and has done many great films as well, which were a hit on box office. Along with acting, he also produces and direct movies. His net worth is $425 million.

  • Johnny Depp:

He is one of the highest paid actors of the industry, he at least takes $20 million for each movie and he has done many movies up till now, he recently went into some financial problem but he will recover that soon, as his net worth is $200 million.


So, this is the celebrity net worth list and congratulations if your favorite actor was mentioned here.

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