Innovative online fashion platform, RowStreet, offers an unprecedented blend of social media and fashion with the launch of new social fashion buy and sell site

RowStreet is looking to change the fashion world with the launch of its new website, a platform designed to serve as a social fashion buy and sell site. The small family owned operation aims to give people, particularly lovers of fashion across the globe a safe place to share their style or promote their products with the world without getting judged for their creativity.

Fashion is all about creativity and fashion experts and enthusiasts worldwide have described fashion as a way of expressing one’s uniqueness. While the fashion industry has grown over the years, which has led to the emergence of several brands across the different branches of the industry, the true essence of fashion – self-expression seems to have been neglected. This is where RowStreet is looking to change the narrative by allowing people to share their fashion inspiration freely.

RowStreet has been described by some as the blend of Facebook and Poshmark in one site with its unique features standing it out from other online fashion platforms. The ease of navigating through the website thanks to its user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily share different contents including pictures and videos.

In addition to allowing people to share their ingenuity, RowShare also allows users to buy and sell all kinds of fashion items in the market place for free or even open a storefront. This helps fashion businesses to reach their target audience more effectively, putting their products in the faces of those that matter.

RowStreet also allows users to post beauty and fashion tips, making it a one-stop solutions provider to all fashion and beauty needs. The comprehensiveness of the platform, as well as the fun and excitement in using it, stand it out in the fashion industry.

More information about RowStreet and the unique solutions offered can be found on the website.

About RowStreet

Founded by Marcus Kirby, RowStreet is a small family owned operation that is poised with giving people a safe place to share their style or promote their products with the world and not get judged for it. RowStreet is an innovative platform that combines social networking with online retail by allowing people to sell and buy fashion and beauty items while also creating an opportunity for people to share their fashion ideas with other members of the community.

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