There are certain things which are there in every women’s close, there might be pants, shorts, tops, blouses, etc but most of the time women are ashamed to keep accessories like lingerie in their closet because if someone might see them what are they going to think? But keeping something like this should not be considered bad because it has nothing to do with the character of the person and everything with their love for themselves and how they want to live their life.

Good and smart lingerie can really lift up your look (if chosen appropriately according to the place and occasion). It can be used as a foundation for your outfit. Wearing lingerie has nothing to do with outside world rather it can be used for yourself; if you wear the right type of undergarments under your clothes you yourself become confident and are able to carry yourself in a much better and beautiful way.

So, wearing lingerie then is more about how you want yourself to look when you look in the mirror rather than for some man. Thus, to look good for your own self, what sort lingerie should you buy? Here’s a small guide for you to upgrade your lingerie wardrobe or to buy it from scratch.

Types Of Lingerie To Make You Love Yourself:

1. Black Thigh- Highs
2. Matching Silk Pajamas with button down shirt
3. Lacy Bodysuit
4. Playful Romper
5. Colorful Baby doll
6. Slinky Robe
7. Night Queen
8. Neutral slip
9. Embroidered chemise
10. Ceylon Slip

Lingerie is a part of your everyday wear (at least for a few women). The most important thing for you is to look good to yourself and that really boosts your confidence and provides you happiness for the rest of the day. To look beautiful you can wear something beautiful for yourself like an amazing set of lingerie which is going to make you love yourself and feel amazing about your body.

There are certain types of lingeries of certain bodies and certain occasions.

Here are a few types: Types of Lingerie According to your body type and your Liking

1. Lingerie sets: these sets are great for wearing every day. You don’t have to buy separate things if you start making your collection of everyday lingerie.
2. Baby doll and chemises: chemises are short nightgowns which usually fit the body and their length is till the mid of the thighs they’re also super snugly. However, the baby doll is a loose fit with a much shorter hemline and broad chest line and space.
3. Crotch-less lingerie: they include a variety of stuff; from stockings to chemises and underwears, etc with also a variety of fabric to choose from; you can choose your lingerie from sheer to silk and too lacy lingerie.
4. Teddies and body suits : it’s a one piece of lingerie which covers your body from shoulders to the beginning of your thighs. The material can be sheer or lacy according to your choice. you can also wear it with pants or with a skirt to look super chic. Mostly the bodysuit is similar to teddies but the only difference (sometimes) is that they also have necklines. But all the same, they are made to make you feel good and comfortable.
5. Body stocking: These can be worn over legs, torso, and arms as a natural addition. The body stocking comes in a variety of styles and materials. This unique look is going to make you stand out (obviously for yourself) and you will love yourself for choosing them.

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