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Silvia Via CEO of VIA GUATEMALA COFFEE changing the coffee business with Style Excellence and Swag

In this day in age, it is extremely important to shop from brands that have a vision we believe in. This way we can vote with our wallets. Women CEOs who care about their employees and produce amazing products should be appreciated as much as possible.

One of these hard-working CEOs that deserves recognition is Silvia Via. She is the owner and the Chief Executive Officer of Viagatemala coffee. Viagatemala coffee is an international company, based in Massachusetts. The brand specializes in producing high-end coffee using the best coffee beans in the world farmed by Mayan farmers. These precious coffee beans are farmed from the soil of the highest quality in Guatemala.

Corporations such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks also source their beans from Guatemala. However, Viagatemala coffee uses quality to differ from its competitors. Coffee is luxurious and made to taste incredible every single time. This high-class coffee is manufactured by skilled local farmers with years of experience.

Silvia Via believes in a sustainable approach to dealing with business affairs. She makes sure that all of her employees are well taken care of. Unlike major corporations that do business in the same area of Guatemala, Silvia makes sure that all of her workers are paid livable wages. Workers receive incomes that are higher than average, and a percentage of the Viagatemala Coffee proceeds go to Silvia’s foundation. This foundation supports people from Guatemala. Silvia has the vision to create a better and safer space for them, giving them the life condition they deserve. Therefore, the foundation works on providing needed medicine, housing, and educational opportunities to the people. Viagatemala Coffee will also support women’s groups throughout the United States, and internationally.

Silvia Via is a successful businesswoman who aims to create a global brand that reflects her visions for the future and incorporates her personality and style. Besides working on Viagatemala Coffee, Silvia is also the CEO of Via’s World. This brand specializes in a high-end custom fashion that reflects Silvia’s artistic nature and personal style.

While she spends most of her time working on Via’s World, and Viagatemala Coffee, Silvia also enjoys selling her custom art to galleries throughout the world. Additionally, she worked as an art director on various projects, both international and local. Silvia believes in giving back, which is why she always makes sure to educate women from her community. She takes time to teach young women about business challenges and steps to face them.

Although Silvia started her life as an orphan, through hard work and the help of her dedicated adopted parents, she managed to absorb the pain and turn it into motivation for her success.

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