Simple Steps To Get The Perfect Tan In 2019

For the working women, party girls, or self-conscious ladies out there, your struggle to maintain the perfect tan is real, but worry no more. This article will definitely help you step by step in reaching the ultimate goal of illuminating body tan which you’ll absolutely admire!

Step 1: Prepare Your Skin

It can’t be emphasized more that your skin should be prepared before you rub the tan all over your face. Don’t hurry. Taking timeout for getting the skin ready from base is all worth it in the end! It saves you from last minute touch ups and lets the tan stay for a longer period. For that reason it’s a vital part of the tanning regimen. Let’s state the obvious- if the base is good, the tan is going to set good.

Let’s start from the scratch. Since you’ve to make your whole body –  face, shoulder, legs –  look even, consider to put your hair removal schedule a day or two prior to the tanning day. You’ll be amazed to see how your pores are much tinier than they used to be when you did it all wrong.  And the finish is more subtle than ever before.

Who wouldn’t want to have a more natural look in the end? Try adding a scrubbing session by using a dry body brush both before and after the hair removal to say all your dead skin cells a good bye.

Step 2: Choosing The Best Tan

Highly suggested and recommended tans include a combination of rose illuminating facial tan mist followed by any tan suiting your body type to add up a  mini top-up or extra glow on your skin. It’s recommended to pat some moisturizer on the dry sections – usually knees, feet and elbows – to avoid getting any dark patches in the end.

The sweet mist of the illuminating facial tan helps to lift the pigment of the tan, leaving your skin soft and have an everlasting glow, which is the best feeling in the world.

Although it hardly takes about ten minutes to apply the brown stuff on your body, the actual problem is deciding which tan is the best as they come in several shades to choose from. However going with the favorite and trendy tan is always a good idea!

Usually the best tan has the potentials to help you achieve a naturally stunning dark beauty look, doesn’t leave your skin with any odd smell and takes around six hours to fully develop.

Step 3: Tan Application

For applying the tan, any decent mitt will help, buff it through on your skin gently, after giving it ten minutes to dry fully, you’re ready to slip some casual clothes and show off your natural look which works well all around the day! And it’s quite interesting to note that the tan can go fine for four days straight.

Mine Tan offers a great range of natural tones that perk up the skin that simply perk up the skin and become your total tanning BFFs.

Step 4: Maintaining The Tan:

The biggest struggle to deal with is maintaining the tan. Every person can relate to incidences like using a deodorant and see the tan rub off or scratching an itch and see the tan rub off. It’s a common struggle to all.

 The only thing keeping the tan stay longer is to add exfoliation in your daily skin regime to ensure the smoothness of the skin so even if the tan fades a bit; it looks natural not leaving dark and light patches. This way no one can ever have the slightest hint, you’re a pale girl on the sly.

Extra Tips:

Remember exfoliating is the key to achieve a super natural tan. In order to have a smooth tanned up skin, it’s important to completely make your skin deodorant or product-free.

The simplest thing to get your skin all cleaned up is by just hopping in the shower! You can add on giving yourself the best treatment by using a shower sponge, followed by an all-embracing scrubbing session. This will eventually help wake your skin up and give you a fresher look.

Apart from that, it may help you get rid of the excess tan of the previous day left over on your skin, unclogging your skin. Choosing your favorite and trendy tan can be pleasing as well as comfortable.


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