SKYE Footwear: The New Ultimate Sneaker-Boot Hybrid

People look for trendy and stylish footwear which is not just affordable but also protect your feet and provide them comfort too. Not only these many people consider that shoes describe your personality as well. So a  person shall never compromise on shoes. Sneakers are a very common style of shoes these days and people are really liking it. Sneakers are primarily designed for sports or any sort of physical exercise and also referred to as athletic shoes and are part of sports gear. But, now people pair them with any dress be it formal or casual, party or work or simply hanging out with friends. From fitness shoes, sneakers have become a major fashion statement in the current time frame. The growing demand for sneakers is making luxury brands to step in the sneaker game.

Kickstarter has come up with an amazing, luxurious and comfortable product both for men and women. This is SKYE Sneaker-Boot. These are stylish and comfortable pair of shoes which are a combination of boots and sneakers prepared to perfection which will keep[ you ready for all the activities. These boots can be dressed down with the most formal wardrobe or simply casual clothes.

Weather Proof

These sneakers can be worn in all seasons. Made from fine leather, they are weatherproof. Be it a rainy morning, snowy evening or hot summer afternoon, you can use these boots any time and everywhere without the tension o0f they being damaged after some time. Ballistic fabric is used to make the shoe tear and puncture resistance. The shoes have a unique water flushing pattern to provide the user with excellent grip in snowy and rainy weather.

Durable and Comfortable Features

Skye Sneaker boots are lightweight and good quality shoes. They are your travel companion. These pair of shoe will make you relive all those moments which have passed by. Materials as military grade and Japanese  Armour are used to form these sneakers. Toe of the shoes have TPR mudguard protection to prevent fraying. The sole provides you with a great grip and hold over the earth.

Ethical and Environment-friendly Manufacturing Procedures

SKYE Sneaker-Boots are man-made and are formed by following ethical procedures. The process is environment-friendly too as it limits carbon footprints. Moreover, recycled plastic and biodegradable rubber are used to prepare shoes. The company is concerned about wildlife does not use any animal products.

Size and Color

The shoes are available in two designs and different sizes at very affordable prices. On the other hand, the customers can even avail discounts which are given to all customers on their purchases.

We all know shoes are essential. It is estimated roughly that a person owns a variety of shoes different for all occasions and purposes. SKYE Sneaker Boots makes your life easy by providing you with two in one shoe. Where you can enjoy the comfort of sneakers and look fashionable with the look of boots.

So wait no more, head over to our website and order your pair of SKYE Sneaker Boots right away.

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