Swimming Upstream with Amy Letcher

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It’s not every day that a tree-climbing, sword-fighting, tea-loving small town girl from South Africa makes their way to the City of Angels. But this star’s life has been full of exceptions.

At the tender age of six, Amy Letcher told her parents she was moving to Hollywood to be an actress. It’s a thing many children have said; a phase many children have gone through, wanting to be famous. But most children grow out of it at some point or other – and that’s just one of the ways Amy Letcher isn’t like most.

First of all, it was never about the fame.

“I had a teacher once say to me ‘everyone wants to be famous when they’re young’, and I felt so sad, because that really wasn’t what it was about for me. I love storytelling. That’s what it boils down to. I love acting and how it allows me to step into someone else’s story. As a kid I was curious about everything and everyone. I wanted to be a spy and an elf and a doctor and a pilot – I wanted to be and do everything.

With acting, I can. Or at least I can pretend to. Anything is possible; magic is real, dragons exist and I can perform heart surgery. And even more than that; stories have the power to change lives. Film, television, theatre – they can and do affect people deeply and powerfully. Of course I want to be a part of that!” Amy says.

Letcher on set of "NCIS"And now, true to her bold, six-year-old announcement, she’s in LA, and she’s already making her mark. With appearances on world-renowned shows like NCIS, Black Sails, and most recently, The Romanoffs (from Matthew Weiner), a solo show which she wrote and starred in on NYC’s Theatre Row, and a “Best Adult Actress” award from a panel of industry professionals that included 20th Century Fox’s VP of Casting, Christian Kaplan, at the 2015 AMTC Talent Convention in Florida, Amy is indeed exceptional. Not least because she was born and raised on the other side of the world.

“I grew up in a small town in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. I pretty much spent my afternoons playing in grass taller than me, making up stories and getting lost in these worlds I created in my head.” Amy says of her childhood. “It sounds a bit like a fairytale when I describe it to people. I guess some parts of it were. Some weren’t. But hey, that’s childhood. That’s life.”

And what a life; lived to the full; and not a scrap of it conventional.

Letcher in "Black Sails"

“I suppose I was a bit different from ‘most little girls’. I’m glad we’re moving away from the stereotypes of what a little girl ‘should’ be – but sure, when I was young there was a sort of expected path to follow for young ladies. And I didn’t. I did Judo, and took cricket lessons. I played armies with my brother and hated wearing shoes. I climbed trees.

I had rats for pets. I read books like ‘Boy Soldier’ and I talked way too much – like a thousand times more than the polite amount. I was curious about everything, I asked a lot of questions, I loved my family and God and that wasn’t cool, but I did.

Still do! I was a tomboy, and I was going to be an actress. That’s how people knew me, and I love that. I don’t think anyone should be different just for the sake of it, but if you’re out there authentically blazing your trail, then I’m right there with you.”

Behind the scenes look at Amy Letcher in horror-comedy "Overkill", coming soon

She certainly is blazing a trail; all the way to the top. With talent, charisma, and a just-keep-swimming attitude, we can’t wait to see where this feisty star’s trail takes her.

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