Things to Consider in Lanyard Printing

Lanyard is a customized holder use for the brand or a business representation. Multinational companies, universities, and other institutions use this to enhance the security and for verification among the crowd. Even for the different events, it is highly used for the orientation and presentation as well.

Singapore lanyard printing displays the name, tags, and details related to a certain event or about the organization as well. even a plain lanyard is also used as a holder but the printed one looks more appealing and recognizable among various.

Lanyard printing is necessary to make the identification more recognizable and for companies it makes easy to give recognition. Before going for the customize printing solution it is important to keep the following things into consideration.

Right in Size

First of all, the thing which came first in lanyard printing is its size. The right size will help with impressions and presentation. For size selection, you have to make sure where the lanyard is going to be used. Like it is for the neck holder, for the arm or wrist or as a holder or with any gadgets. Proper size selection will not only look good but can save most of your cost as well.

Material Choice

When it comes to having a lanyard printing, the material is an important consideration. Not every material is printing friendly and easy to carry as well. so, it should be the environment-friendly one, waterproof or heat resistant as well. The most common materials that are used for the lanyard are cord, nylon, polyester, and cotton respectively. Keep the cost in mind as well while choosing the material, nylon or polyester are commonly used materials.

Color and Design

Designing is a crucial and time taking step that needs brainstorming and exploration as well. a color that reflects the impression of a company, brand or institute will be appropriate for the lanyard printing. Like a company can go with the design of a company logo, name or impression. For random blue, black, green or white colors are common on which the printing clearly showed the text, logo, and design as well. a simple and well descriptive design and the color is an appropriate selection to made in lanyard printing.

Printing Technique

There are multiple techniques used for the printing like hot stamping, screen printing, dye sublimation, woven fabric prints, etc. what kind of technique you are going to use for the lanyard is depend on the complexity of the design you are going to choose and the material on which the printing is required. For example, if you have the cotton lanyard then probably the woven fabric printing technique is appropriate. It helps with a clear print or design on the straps and durable for the colors and finishing. For nylon or polyester printing screen printing or dye, printing can be used. As well as it depends on the quality and cost you specified for a project.


With the lanyard particular accessories are necessary like the holder, clip or a ring to hold and carry cards, etc. it depends on the choice if you are printing one for the cardholder then a clip and holder has to be attached. It is usually made up of the metal steel that is attached to the highly adjustable straps. With the straps, it is easy to set the required size. For the cardholder, you can attach one simple and the other one with the custom one side or both sides printing.

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