8 Tips to Incorporate Glitter into your Day to Day Makeup Look

Wearing glitter as makeup is very common nowadays. You can see the models wearing it on the ramp and celebrities wearing it on the red carpet. However, glitter can be used in our daily lives only. It helps to lighten our moods and express ourselves.

Highlighters have been very common previously, they still are. Women have adopted another fever, which is the glitter fever.

There are a number of types of glitter available in the market today. Numerous brands are incorporating glitter into their makeup considering the demand for it. GlitterChic provides great glitter sets that you can purchase in order to get these look. You may also go to GlitterChic for further details.

Here are some of the ways in which you can rock your glitter makeup in your daily routine.


Women have been using matte lipsticks for quite some time. It is high time now that we spice things up a little bit. It is a great way to reflect your inner self. Do not go for lipstick and lip glosses that use thick formula. However, prefer using lighter ones. It is better to go for pastel colors if you are going for the everyday use. However, if you are going to a party then experiment with darker shades and colors.


Who says your liner is supposed to be black all the time? You can experiment with different hues and settle for the look which suits you the best. You can notch-up your game by adding another layer of glitter over it. However, go for the same shade as the eyeliner. Moreover, it is preferable to make a very fine line over it. Do not go for thicker formula because it makes the application of the liner very difficult. For this purpose, use a very fine brush in order to get that fine look.

You can also go for a metallic shade because it tends to give a richer look. It goes along with almost everything.

Glittery Cheekbones

The use of highlighter has enabled us to experiment with various glitter options. Apply glitter at the end of applying all the makeup. This will enable you to have that dewy look on your face.

Highlight your eyebrow bone with glitter

To make your eyebrow brow on fleek give them a hint of glitter to it. It will enhance your eyebrows better.

Lining your Waterline

Lining your waterline always help you to make your eyes look bigger. It helps to give your eyes a fresh look. For the application of glitter on your waterline, you can use a brush or the tip of your finger. It does not have to look very neat.

There is a wide range of hues you can choose from. Go for a nude color if you are looking for a natural look. You can also experiment with darker colors on your daily look as well.

Cupid’s Bow

It is also one of the part of your face that is affected by the light. People, however, sometimes do not consider this and ignore this feature. Use your glittery highlighter in order to get your cupid bow highlighted.

Glittery Nails!

Glittery nails are not a new thing, however, they were neglected form quite some time. Nevertheless, they are back this year. You can crazy with it as they come in wide range of colors. You can use it in your nail art to give it a subtle look. You may also cover your whole nail with glitter.

Glitter Smokey Eye

This is one of the top looks opted by the celebrities. You may mix and match your eyeshade and glitter, however, what justice the Smokey does, no other look can do.

Shimmery Body Tint

Yes, this is a thing as well! You may think that it is only possible to get that glittery look in parties. You can rock it all day every day! People add it in their body mist and in their body creams in order to get that overall glittery look. Your skin shines when you are out in the sun and give your skin a beautiful look.

The worst thing you can do is to overdo it. Therefore, in order to avoid it go for really subtle hues.

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